Stay With Me

Sam Smith

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2014-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:28

Music Video


  • ms susana 52

    By susana 52
    totally awesome voice,and song very heart felt
  • This song tho😛😝

    By Mine his craft
    This is so beautiful
  • Makes Me Cry!😥😂😭😭😭😢

    By Elephant lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's beautiful!! GET IT!! He's beautiful.
  • Sam Smith, your voice is a gift from God!

    By MissPerfectD!
    I am mesmerized by this man’s vocals! They are so pure, so strong and you feel the pain in his heart in every single lyric. I had to have this song! I’m wishing this artist so much success. Your sound is so unique, your voice is truly beautiful and it’s refreshing to hear such raw, pure talent. Yes, your voice is a gift from God!
  • Grand Niece Loves It - I Purchased The Song

    By Marvelous Menu
    It is a good fit for all ages. A very soulfull song. Unforgetable.
  • Stunning

    By bhannum
    The beauty of this voice just draws me in like no other - no show-off flourishes but u know in every phraze that he could go anywhere with that voice if he wanted to. Instead he lets the emotion and feeling of the song dictate his voice staying true to himself - it's absolutely stunning! You gotta hear this!
  • Amazing Fresh Talent!

    By Yep, that's right!
    So REFRESHING to hear an artist with a TRUE UNIQUE STYLE and TALENT. No copycat singing here. His songs are deeply heart felt. You can feel his emotion and his thoughts.
  • He's perfect!

    By 4kensington
    Wow… just… wow!
  • Stay With Me

    By magnoliagirl46
    Beautiful song. Beautiful voice! I feel his pain. The video did not do the song justic. The song itself is powerful and heart felt.The video left me wanting more on an emotional level. So, where is the girl, or the Love of his life??? In Heaven, in his heart forever... or hiding under the covers? The video needs more to "show" the story behind the song.
  • Great!

    By WillisFaam
    Love it

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