Undone - The Sweater Song


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:23

Music Video


  • If You Want To Destroy My Sweater......

    By ihateitunesnicknames
    I Know The Song Has Nothing To Do With A Sweater, B/C when He says that in the song, its a metaphor meaning "If You Want To See Me Go Insane" But i have this multi-colored sweater and i wear to skewl all the time and nobody likes it exept for me and a few of my friends and this song always makes me think of it.........
  • Intro redundant but 5 stars

    By Nkorner77
    Great song, but the intro progression for guitar gets a little repetitive. I would have understood 2 to 4 times but 8? Still 5 stars though!
  • Great

    By TAZ12345
  • Camera

    By The somewhat Real Review
    The camera work on this is fantastic. One continuous shot throughout the entire video and just with a steady cam. Spike Jonz did a great job with this video.
  • hysterical!!!

    By jbuggy18
    I think it is hilarious!! What a clever song!
  • cool song but.......

    By Guns N' Roses/Motley Crue/Velvet Revolver Fan number 571
    the best part was when Pat was shaking his behind while playing drums!LOL
  • great video

    By richhhh
    this was the time when weezer started out, and that was a great time in their career this song is great the video is great no weird stuff in it just pure weezer
  • undone

    By puppies1193
    this a good song i'm not qutite shere i likr the music vidio
  • you are aLL wrong

    By msninina
    its not about breaking up. its not funny. its a great song, its whatever you want it to be, as all music is. one song to me could mean something completely different to someone else. you'll never know what the artist meant when he wrote the song unless you know the artist themselves.
  • awesome

    By Furiaroja27
    this video is great! and the red shirt is beautiful!