The Good Life


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2004-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:17

Music Video


  • Not a real review

    By T.C. Moore
    I'm giving this video five stars because of the "horable" spelling that "phat dawg" produced. If you're going to knock a band's music video, at least do it with intelligence. Maybe "phat" hasn't seen any other of the Weezer videos, but they're all pretty much deadpan in their expressions (that means expressionless, "dawg"). It's intentional.
  • Great Song, Decent video

    By zholmes
    Trivia: The chick in this video is Chloe from 24!
  • Nice technique

    By D-Myster
    I thought this was a well done music video. They tried a cool technique with the triple camera thing. It makes the video better than what it actually is. Sadly, for that reason the video didn't score well for the critics. Because they tried something new and made it look good they deserve four stars.
  • okay, here's my opinion...

    By pixiefreak13
    okay, Weezer will forever be my favorite band. no matter what. they were my first concert and i hold their music very near to my heart. while i will admit that i was very dissapointed in Beverly Hills and We Are All On Durgs, i thought the rest of their latest album was good and reminded me of some of their older stuff. well this video is not my favorite by any means, but i do like it. i like that it's not focused only on them, but they do appear in it unluck many music videos from the same time frame. i gave it 4 stars beacuse it's a good portrayal of the song itself.
  • good

    By hello magenta
    its a good song and video but i dont get it wats with the pizza girl??????
  • ruined!

    By scott goubeaux
    all right, im a fan of weeez, but why did they hav 2 ruin the song by using a triple lenz? it would also be better if instead of taping a fake producement, they couldve had them walkin down the street toilet-paperiring houses. this is what they shouldve done with buddy holly, but leave out the sketchy triple lenz! PEACE. (it tells me i had 2 rate the video, but theres no zero so ones all i got.)
  • cool

    By _woodstock_
    emma watson is extremely hot, that has nothing to do wiht weezer, but that doesnt really matter though
  • i like weezer

    By Nathan Woosley
    I was looking for the artist buddy holly when i came across a great band.I cant believe i get to write a review. go weezer! yah
  • weezer and coffer!

    By phat dawg
    to me these videos sucked. weezer has horable acting skills. they dont show any expressions what so ever. i was very disapointed in the way they were created. the corriography was also horable. the reason why i give them a two star rating is because i enjoy their style of music and there rythm is unbelievable. i think they would be better if they dressed like nerds, because they are! hey levi, sorry!