Triumphant (Get 'Em) [feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill]

Mariah Carey

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2012-08-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:20

Music Video


  • Just plain bad...

    By Boolacious
    I've been a devoted Mariah Carey fan for as long as I can remember. The good.. is that Mariah's vocals are still amazing.. not what they used to be, but still amazing. Unfortunatly those vocals and lyrics are buried under two rappers and bass heavy production.. even in the video.. Mariah looks amazing.. but is overshadowed (quite literally) by her guest stars. To top it off.. the video is generic.. has been done.. quite a few times, and better for that matter. Mariah playing super model on the.. what is that.. a stage? Reminds me of her Mimi cover and E=MC2 cover, as well as about half of her videos in the last ten years. The only saving grace is that Mariah has, much more in recent years, and thankfully, embraced the her dance music fans as well as the gay community.. which brings some of hte most amaizng dance mixes I've heard in some time.. no rappers.. fantastic production and vocals loud and clear. Mariah should do a full on dance video to one of the mixes.. or slum it and show her mountain climbing.. hell.. how about driving through South Beach on Labor Day Weekend.. that's triumph. This video.. is just generic hip hop drivel
  • Oh my no

    By Bradmaniac
    Sorry Mimi but this is terrible.
  • Seriously???

    By LynxxAnonymous
    I thought I was a "forever fan" but I am seriously getting tired of her..... I am several years younger than her, and yet I have been a fan since the beginning. I wish I could see her grow as an artist, but I am pretty sure it isn't going to happen... The song is catchy, but just plain stupid on her part. I mean she is whispering....... " The best female artist of all time " is whispering her part..... This was an "Epic fail" on MC's part.... "NEXT"
  • fun video

    By TapDogz
    mariah looks amazing as usual. i particularly like the end of the video when mariah sings us out. good visuals
  • Failure

    By Tiffany.l.g
    I was so excited to hear that MC us coming back. I watched the video on Vevo as soon as it was available. Got even more excited when I saw Meek Mill and Rick Ross. And then.....what the h e double hockey sticks? This has to be a joke. I was waiting for The Lonely Island to come out. Awful awful song. Even worse video. Mariah, I've been a fan for 20 something years but this is a major disappointment. Or as my 14 year old son likes to call it: an "epic fail". Thank god for Meek Mill and Rick Ross....I listen to Meek Mill then turn down the volume for a few seconds waiting for Rick Ross's part when Triumphant comes on the radio.
  • Let's get mc back on top!!!

    By Ssalter
    Great video!!!
  • Awesome!

    By ArielJ101
    Amazing love the video and song you go Mariah!!!! Let's get to #1
  • A+Mazing

    By EMob!
    Love the video can't wait for the album!!!!!
  • Awful

    By madgesboi
    Are the people who think this is good watching the same video as the rest of us??? This is awful!!!!!
  • Awful!

    By WendellOdom
    What? The video is as embarrassing as the song. Triumphant it is not. What happened to SINGING Mariah? This is just whispering choruses between two rappers. She is the least featured performer in the song and video. Don't dress like a hooker if you have to spend half your budget on airbrushing.

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