Waiting Outside the Lines

Greyson Chance

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-12-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:04

Music Video


  • not really

    By littlebugninjawarrior
    i only like his songs unfriend you and summertrain but he shouldnt have done any music vids because hes not the cutest kid by far and hes a little over dramatic and before people get on my case about bein mean and hurting his feelings first off hes hurting my ears and what r the odds hes actually going to even look at these reviews? hes pry busy making girls regret being his girlfriend and when they finally breakup with the guy he gets revenge by...singing...be careful who u date girls cuz a terrible song will make u regret your decission 4 the rest of your life.
  • 👍

  • Music

    By Sarachanceforever
    ✨Greyson i really love this song u have an amazing talent u inspired me to love music i cant believe your 17 years old its been so long that u havent been on tour i wish u can do tours again i luv your music never give up on your dreams✨

    By Glory to YHWH
    TO ALL OF YOU HATERS OUT THERE…….. This kid has got talent, and I will applaud him just for trying. And if you guys don't like his songs then I have a solution to that, just don't listen to them. Nobody needs your negative feedback, and It's not appreciated BY ANYONE. I mean seriously, cut him some slack, this is his 1st music video, and he's trying. And if you were making a music video for the 1st time and random strangers start posting negative reviews to you, what would you think. Look, I think that what I'm trying to say is that…… I have been his fan since he made his 1st appearance on stage, and I will be there until he makes his last, and on from there. So if you don't like him then keep your comments to yourself. Thank-you.
  • Awesome!!

    By Happy Times and lots of laughs
    Don't let age matter!! If one direction were kids and they sang the same people would hate them!!! Why does it matter? This kid's got talent!!!!!!!
  • you haters read this

    By yelrafregnig
    yes i could be another justin but look at his talent he is just a kid i love him and you have to give him credit for the fact that he has an album out.
  • Good

    By Hollywood Chick1
    i like him, not particularly the song in general, but hes a great singer and i expecially like his sogn Unfriend You. Personally i think is the best
  • Needs to redo video . . . or . . . um . . . something

    By Music Vid <3
    Kay . . . Um video could've been a little better and a lot less weird but the song's really great and greyson has a great voice!
  • Greyson Chance is awesome!!!!

    By Alessandra99
    Greyson Chance is a great singer and awesome songwriter! I love ALL of his songs but this has to be my favorite. He is really talented and his music really inspires me. I <3 you, Greyson Chance!
  • Waiting Outside The Lines

    By CharlieBrown122
    Awesome song ever from Greyson Chance who had an amazing voice:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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