Mariah Carey

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:05

Music Video


  • Oh gosh

    By Tanyannette
    Would you stop being so obsessed of yourself Mariah?
  • Good

    By Pianoquietude
    I love Eminem and mariah, she kinda reminds me of Jennifer Lopez in this music video as she is layind down. Jennifer Lopez did the same pose laying down in her video, "Dance Again". LOVE IT THOUGH!
  • Jeff

    By Dark girl gannon
    I like eminem
  • Nice!

    By SirStephenAndrew93
    "Why you so obsessed with me?" I'll tell you why: 1. You're hot and sexy! 2. You're a legend! 3. You've got 18 #1 hits, which also includes the longest running #1 hit in music history "One Sweet Day" 4. You're 5 octave voice sends me to heaven! and 5. Well... YOU'RE THE ONE AND ONLY MARIAH CAREY!
  • ?????????

    By Celest Averi
    Love it true that Mariah my fans do the same
  • What?

    By Halopryane
    I didn't know this song was about eminem untill I watched the video. I like the both
  • Good song

    By JennySalinas
    A few years ago I listened to dis song and all I wanna say is dat dis song is addicting!!!!😄
  • Mi-Mi you rock!!!!!!

    By IlOvEmUsIc2010
    ......I love both Mariah and Eminem. I own albums from both artists, so....*shrugs shoulders and smiles* 
  • Mariah is the best!

    By BGrillz566777
    I'm surprised Eminem actually made it in the music industry. He is an angry, white trash rapper with no talent. And how dare you Eminem fans even comment on this video. Mariah has more talent in her one finger than Eminem has in his whole body. And just because Eminem is good at trashing people makes him a jerk not talented. In their careers Mariah has won 249 awards and been nominated for 442, Eminem won 203 and has been nominated for 310. I guess the music industry knows who's more talented!
  • Eminem Is The Real Deal. Mariah Is Not.

    By Moore
    It took Mariah 4 months too write this pathetic attempt at a "diss" when it only took 4 days for Eminem to throw up The Warning and lyrically slaughter her. Mariah should really watch herself when she tries to take on a lyrical genius like Eminem. And Notice how once Eminem came out with The Warning Mariah shut her mouth. That should show Nick Cannon what really went on before he was even a thought.

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