Head of My Class (feat. Chris Brown)

Scooter Smiff

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2008-11-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:40

Music Video


  • Head of myy class!!

    By Lexusbhabby
    Luv it
  • Cool

    By Rainbow92
    This video was the best video that Chris brown has ever been in
  • Scooter!!!

    By Mfp13
    Yea scooter smiff did his thing when he came to my skool RCMS nd I waz front row nd got a autographed cd nd poster lol he's really cute nd he can dance lol!!! :)
  • Kid Rapper

    By UNC beat DUKE
    Maybe there will be a King of Rap. If so it is Scooter.

    By jay pain
    i liked this video!scooter smiff is vicious from my words.also my homey chris brown.PIECE
  • WOO HAH!!

    By oldestmlkid
    He learned a thing or 2 from Chris 'cause he was a back up dancer w/ Miles for Chris Brown and this video and song are muy bueno!
  • abuser

    By ohh i can't believe it
    i luv this video n scooter smiff is soooo adorable but rite now from all the stories i herd chris breezy is a major abuser wit a great voice
  • Me and Scooter should work together

    By J-Boogie-100%
    hey he's a good artist and when my rapping career starts flowing (im 13) i can imagine me and him workin together. MAKIN DAT MONEY
  • no

    By big cow king
    ferst we have 2 year old kids that danse and run arond the class room thats G and chris brown hiding his face that is also vary G so this is a bad song i like the beat but he has a slow beat and he is beter then solga boy
  • Nice High Voice, Smiffy...

    By Notorious B.E.N.
    This is terrible. He can't rap and Chris Brown is a terrible artist.

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