I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (feat. T.I.)

Mariah Carey

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-07-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:46

Music Video


  • Hot

    By Night Winds
    Lol >3
  • Um

    By Intense6
    I love Mariah, she has a great voice and great talent but her music vids are always about her. Might as well write the word concieted on her forehead.
  • nice job mc!

    By AAOfan#1
    cool song but seriously u really dont like clothes do u?
  • Yeah

    By dudeman333
    O man does she have nice boobs. And she's so curvy. She looks great in a bikini too
  • Great

    By P. Nelson
    Ok I really Love Mariah everysince I was like 4yrs, and I def. think this is a very good song, It has a great vibe that really catches ones attention. I like the video and I am happy to see that she is doing well and in love, but I just wish it was more kinda like a video than the photoshoot she did for 'Vibe" magazine. (Which I am not saying it is bad) I am just saying I was left wanting a little more. but other than that Mariah great job yet agian...
  • TI Ruins this

    By Jman290
    I would have loved this video and i mean loved. Mariah is so fine but TI Ruins it by commenting in the background. He does it at most weirdest times. I swear i have never heard this on the Original song.
  • Best video ever made in the history of the album EMC=2!!!!!!!!

    By Francis Kei
    Oh My God!!!i can't believe that Mariah can released a Nice song and a nice video!!!i love it and i can stop watching on it!
  • Ugghhh!!!!

    By Panda Lover 99
    Okay, Mariah, you got plastic surgery, you feel great, and can't stop touching your own body. WE GET IT!!!! Click yes if you agree!
  • wow

    By palmtrees6699
    im kinda tired of Mariah acting all sexy and stuff ALL THE TIME. i mean, yes mariah, you are sexy! but, your gettin kinda old for this stuff. And its tireing people out seeing you ALL THE TIME like this. i mean when you wear something like that, it gets people lookin at how sexy and hot you are but not your voice. thats whats kinda irritating. BUT, AMAZING SONG. WE LOVE YOU MARIAH CAREY.
  • Flippin' sexy as sh**

    By Lil'Weezy4Life
    MC did an amazing job on this track and just to let you know baby MC2=Lil'Weezy4Life

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