True Colors - Zedd

papercut feat troye sivan zedd lyrics

Zedd Song

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11



  • ZEDD

    By gbern1993
    I remember when his Clarity album first came out and "Clarity" was the free single of the week. Once I listened to it, I knew he was gonna blow up someday. Keep it up, Zedd!
  • Not as nearly as good as Clarity

    By boredafyougetme
    Okay so I've heard all the tracks now and I must say I'm quite disappointed. Most of the songs are just pop-styled and auto-tuned and all that. But "Papercut" and "Illusion" are actually really good, while "Beautiful Now" is okay and not a bad summer-song, and those three tracks kept me from giving this album 1 star, but the rest is bad in my opinion. I hope Zedd will make a deluxe edition like he did with Clarity.
  • Doesn't reach anywhere near the heights of the first album.

    By RidgeTop21
    I was really looking forward to this release, but after listening to it I must say I'm just not feeling it with with one. Zedd's first album was a masterpiece with bold, new melodies, great sounds, and great guest signers. This album sounds more like today's typical club, run-of-the-mill, boring, EDM, with the only standout track being "Illusion."
  • True to zedd - only based on the two songs out

    By Mikey Rudy
    Addicted to a memory is so true to Zedd’s style. Extremely happy that he is bringing sounds similar to his old style. Reminds me of songs such as hourglass and shave it up.
  • Previews are fantastic!

    By Scitryx
    Anton never disappoints! We love you Zedd!
  • Amazing!

    By Reverend-Nasty
    I've always enjoyed Zedd's music. But, when I saw Troye Sivan being featured on one of the songs, I was beyond happy! Huge Troye fan! It may sound biased, but "Papercut" is the best song off this album! Love it!
  • EDMFreeek

    By Lex22345
    I can't dance to 75% of this album. Why did you change so much Zedd?
  • Zed Saved my life

    By Dustinsky
    I’ve been in a funk for months over an intense break-up, and listening to this album pulled me out of my funk, changed my life, and dare I say, saved my life as well. These lyrics hit home, and the music is amazing. He knocked it out of the park. Thank you!!!!!!
  • Too much pop, too little rave.

    By xym07ihl
    It seems like Zedd used the Clarity-Spectrum formula too much this time. Almost two-thirds of this album is filled with pop songs, almost frustrating to be a 'dance' record. My favorite track is Bumble Bee, which is too short to dance with.
  • Zedd--A Dance Master Shows His "True Colors"

    By FHBoy
    We've been waiting for new Zedd for a long time. This is definitely worth the wait though. While he has certainly been making ventures into the top-40 side of EDM, I think the young DJ has still retained his unique style, and is certainly still creating hooks that make you want to sing from the hilltops and dance for hours. Zedd, thanks for showing the rest of crowd how to put the "Music" back into Electronic Dance Music. P.S. That is one of my new favorite album covers.