Title (Deluxe Edition) - Meghan Trainor

no good for you meghan trainor lyrics

Meghan Trainor Song

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2015-01-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15



  • It’s all about that CHANGE!!!

    By Star love love love
    I love Meghan Trainor and her beautiful music. I think she is a great role model in reminding us all to love ourselves for who we are and not give in to societies’ pressure. Great job GIRL!!! It’s time we CHANGED our negative views on ourselves, and look at the gorgeous positives!!!
  • Woot Woot!

    By Dann360
    I love how this was meant to be for her. I’m sure this will be a great album! Pre-order people. You wont regret it!

    By EmmyPalmer
    So excited for this to come out! Meghan is so genuine, hard working, and talented. She deserves all the success in the world! Love ya girl! 😘😘
  • bringing back old school!

    By lover of music
    I am so happy there is an artist like this bringing back those wonderful beats and sounds of the fifties with a modern flare :D. I can’t wait for the full album!! :D
  • mixed thoughts.

    By charlie’d
    Disappointed that the release date was changed from December 2nd to January 13th. The “All About That Bass” effect will have worn off by then. Speaking about “All About That Bass”, Meghan is in no way saying that being skinny is a bad thing. Nor is she saying that being big is a good thing. She’s telling people (particularly unconfident young women) to love their figure (as evident by the line "Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top”) no matter what size they are. And the line that has stirred the most controversy of all (“I’m bringing booty back/Go ahead and tell them skinny b**chs that”) is followed up with the line “No. I’m just playing”. I mean come on. If you are offended by that then you are such a hypocrite. There are tons of examples of famous people in the media promoting being skinny and things that go along with it. What do you think that does to bigger women? It makes them upset. I’m glad somebody finally had enough guts to put this on the radio. And for those still offended, just go listen to the Radio Disney version of the song because it’s dumbed down enough for you. Sometimes I feel like people just find fault in music that is popular. On the other songs, I’d say this: none of them are going to breakout quite the same way “All About That Bass” did, but the doo wop and blue eyed soul elements of the tracks are a nice touch that’ll still likely be appreciated. I’d say (based on the five I’ve heard) that “Lips Are Movin” is the second best song, “Title” is the third best song, “Dear Future Husband” is the fourth best and “Close Your Eyes” is the worst (so far).
  • I like it but...

    By Adrian Family
    I like her sound but half the songs sound the same and use the same chords!
  • To Everyone Saying This Has an Oldies Vibe....

    By Boggy44
    Go listen to the Beach Boys, the Who, and the Beatles for a while. Then, when you come back to this, your ears will start to bleed! Proven fact!
  • YASS

    By Deeaygo
    I love her voice! It's so old school and the music has such a 50s feel and I love it! It's definitely a very different type of style from the music coming out lately and it's great! Her music is unique and very fun, a mixture of old 50s with modern pop! An awesome combination!
  • Love what I've previewed so far!

    By MoxiRox
    People are so butthurt over All About That Bass, like she meant to shame skinny people... she says "I'm just playing" and then how a lot of girls think they're fat but they're not. The rest of the songs are awesome, so cheeky and honest with that 50s vibe. And the album's coming out on my birthday! Would be a great present :) She might be my new favorite artist.
  • New Pop Princess! 👸

    By nathanminajj
    Meghan Trainor is a refreshingly new pop star! Her beats and lyrics are super fun and catchy! Definitely preordering!