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Jim Croce Song

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1975-06-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14



  • A Star that still shines brightly though long past mortal existence

    By D'Oh-key
    Something about Jim Croces music that evokes a feeling of warmth and makes you reflect on the importance of cherishing relationships, family and your own sense of being. As a child born in the early 60s, I remember the summers of the early 70s and listening to music like his. As a nation, we were just emerging from the turmoil of the 60s and music mirrored the feelings of the country, disenchanted with a divisive war in Southeast Asia, the assasinations and the radio stations played music which spoke to us all about taking stock of our lives and Jims music was special because it very simply yet beautifully draws you in because of his sincerety uniquely entwined in the notes and cadence. I osmetimes wonder why was it so much simpler then. Maybe it was because we survived as a nation and people just wanted to appreciate and reflect and yes, while the decade eventually devolved in the gawdy Me decade, music like Jim's bespoke of a simpler time which forever lives like Time in a Bottle.
  • Has Jim Croce Lived...

    By Los Pachucos
    He would have become known as one the best and brighest song writers and singers of all time. I have no doubt about that. His music and his lyrics were real and truthful and he did not need electronic make belive (Hello Janet Jackson and million others just like her) to make great music. The day that Jim died my father and I were driving into Nachodoches, LA for my uncles funeral. I had just been discharged from the Vietnam Era U.S. Army. Just as we hit the city limits the local radio station announced that a small plane had crashed and that it carried a passanger he described as a 'little known" performer by the name Jim Croce who had performed at the local university the night before. I remember thinking that the announcer must have been living in a cave if he did not know, or understand, the impact that Croce was having on the music world. He was great, and his music still is. Thank you Jim!
  • Photographs& memories

    By Hns41568
    Had this 8 track back in the day. This a must have for Jim Croce fans !
  • A great compilation

    By EJ Maven
    To many so called greatest hits albums cause one to scratch one's head wondering what definition of "hit" is being used. This is certainly not the case with this one. Great songs 1 through 14. Makes one sorry he died so young.
  • Classic

    By The Anonymous Someone
    If you like any 70's music, you will like Jim Croce.
  • This is what music was and needs to be

    By Wiiplayer999
    I have always listened to the older music and loved I was born in the wrong time my parents say and I agree music needs to go back to this
  • As good as it was 30 yrs. ago...

    By Liviakat
    Jim Croce's family - children and grandchildren - should be so proud of what he did in his short life. The music is sublime; the lyrics are uplifting or heartbreaking, depending on the song. I have enjoyed listening to him for 31 yrs. One of my children took my 33rpm album- so I had to download on I-Tunes. Still sounds great !!
  • Love Him!

    By lionessdoll
    His songs are so real and so touching. Love this album!
  • Finally, A Great Selection of His Music!

    By deb-52
    After finding a live version of Operator some time back, I didn't think I would see anything else but I took a chance a looked him up again. I'm happy to say these were the songs I was looking for. Great Selection.
  • One of the Best Song Writers of all time

    By Oregonman
    Why this album doesn’t have a solid 5 Stars is beyond me. Jim was an amazing artist!!

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