Live from Boston - EP - Brandi Carlile

the story brandi carlile lyrics

Brandi Carlile Song

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2008-09-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5


Song the story brandi carlile lyrics
Have You Ever
What Can I Say
The Story
Folsom Prison Blues


  • The Church of Brandi

    By RhaeL
    People have been known to cross oceans and continents to watch Brandi Carlile and her band of boys perform live; this EP leaves little doubt as to why. Nothing quite compares to the wall of sound this band produces--the way it breaks and swells above your head. Special guest Gibb Droll smokes the stage mid-song on what is almost always a show-stopper at Brandi shows: "Folsom Prison Blues." The song is an event in and of itself, and Gibb lifts their already timeless sound to new heights. But it's a little song called "The Story" that's always the crowd favorite. In the seconds before she launches into her biggest note of the evening, Brandi calmly picks a spot on the back wall that no one else can see and then her face contourts in anguish as she catapaults her voice through the air, past that wall and out into the night. It is a blistering moment of greatness, and this EP is only a brief glimpse.
  • Best Female Artist!

    By taipei101
    I discovered Brandie on itunes from her very first cd. She has been my favorite since and still is. That was before everyone was playing her songs and before they were playing her one the radio! Saw her live in Minneapolis and it was the BEST concert we had ever been too. So go see her live, buy all her albums, and remember to buy on the basis of what really moves you. Not what everyone else goes after. She will be around a long time.
  • Jill

    By jazz-a-funk
    Best $5 I've ever spent. Wonderful live album.
  • pure genius

    By balllinnn'
    this is AMAZING. if you have any other songs by brandi you'll love this. she puts so much passion into her songs and it shows. the story live is 10x better than recorded in a studio and the story live and that's hard to top. most artists can produce in the studio but not many can produce live. buy it!!
  • One of the BEST!

    By Roadrunner75
    I love her and her band so much! They are fantastic in concert. I saw this concert and it was truly amazing. It turned me, and everyone in the room into a die-hard fan. Keep up the great work Brandi (and the guys)!
  • there are no words...

    By nlake
    she is by far the best. saw her this summer and was completly blown away. can't get enough
  • Amazing!!

    By flippidy
    Brandi and the band are extremely talented and you can feel their music in your soul!! Seeing them live is awesome and hearing this live album brings wonderful memories!!! I can't wait for the next tour!!!
  • wow.

    By tahoebum
    this just shows pure talent.
  • Yet another incredible album

    By Kelster343
    Brandi's voice never ceases to amaze me. They are all amazing musicians and songwriters. Very talented indeed and sung/played from the gut every time. Thank you for putting this out! Can't wait for your newest studio release! Thank you for all of your hard work BCB!
  • More Live Recordings, Please!!

    By shinypenny13
    I adore Brandi and was so excited to find this (too) short EP. Brandi is amazing live! Well, she's just amazing, period. And this EP has some of my favorite songs! Can't wait for the new album....

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