Hallelujah (Live at KCRW.com) - Single - Brandi Carlile

hallelujah brandi carlile lyrics

Brandi Carlile Song

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2005-12-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1


Song hallelujah brandi carlile lyrics


  • Beautiful - Emtional

    By Senavifan
    Just a wonderful rendition / intrepretation of this beautiful, moving, and melancholy song. Brandi typically closes her act with it and you can find many videos off these. It has touches of her effective courtry/western influence. Just wonderful. Lot's of different singers "covering" this song though the years. Interesting to compare them. For this song, Brandi intrepretation and that of the late Jeff Buckley, are the most outstanding that I've heard.
  • Surprisingly derivative of Jeff Buckley's rendition.

    By Bobartig
    From my exposure to brandi, she's got sort of a Janis Joplin meets Melissa Ethridge sort of vibe, which definitely has its charms. Her accoustic rendition of Halleluja is pretty reminiscent of Buckley's Halleluja. For me, Buckley's superior technical execution makes all the difference.
  • Good but KD Lang has her beat

    By theodorus rex!!
    Nice guitar work - great voice - but after hearing KD Lang's version - I have a hard time getting impressed... Lang also seems to understand the lyrics in a way that doesn't quite come across here... Still worth downloading though...
  • OK!

    By BB Paco
    Noone does like Jeff Buckley did it. I don't think she matches his passion required for this song.
  • truly different

    By VermontLife
    Brandi is different. You must go and see her in concert when you can. Although she sounds incredible here, and on every other album, her demeanor and voice overwhelm you when in person. She plays for a long, long time, and recently sang 6 encores in Burlington. She seems so appreciative of those that appreciate she and the twins. Go and see her....you will not be disappointed.
  • Be Careful-

    By vrichenstein
    I wasn't prepared for what this song did to me. At it's climax it was transendental. Look out, there's real power in the music here. Thanks Brandi.
  • If you already like Brandi Carlile, get this and listen to it.

    By Ted Lemon
    You don't get a good sense of the performance from the sample (quelle surprise!) but if you listen to it with your full attention from beginning to end, she'll rip your heart out and hand it to you, and you'll accept it with gratitude. Wow. Just. Wow.
  • Genuine

    By CitizenZane
    Very distinctive voice, she pours it all out and this is heart felt. One of those rare performances....Brandi Carlile changes her pitch at several different places throughout the track and does it with precision..defintely one of the best versions of this song!!
  • Superior

    By neptune0909
    This is by far the best recording of Hallelujah. Speaks to your soul.
  • If you only buy one thing today, make it this song.

    By Tangaroo & Potato Dog
    I first fell in love with "Hallelujah" when I heard Jeff Buckley's heartbreaking rendition. Brandi's version is both beautiful and gut-wrenching. This one is a must-buy.

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