Blue on Black (feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Brantley Gilbert & Brian May) - Single - Five Finger Death Punch

blue on black feat kenny wayne shepherd brantley gilbert brian may five finger death punch lyrics

Five Finger Death Punch Song

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2019-04-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1


Song blue on black feat kenny wayne shepherd brantley gilbert brian may five finger death punch lyrics
Blue on Black (feat. Kenny Way


  • weirdest collab

    By Frustrated J-Cat
    what the heck is going on here
  • ugh...

    By Feck99
  • Five song cover band

    By GuNT PuNT
    You guys ever thought of writing your own music?
  • Terrible

    By aditz233
    Another boring bro metal song. FFDP is the Nickelback of metal.
  • 🚮

    By Ray_Green
  • Like the remix

    By ClassicRocker2000
    Good remix of a good cover of a good song
  • Not understanding the haters

    By f/oApple
    Love this song by KWS. May like it even better with the heavy edge.
  • Well it was an effort 🤷🏽‍♂️

    By *DONBEAR*
    Idk how to process this song because it does not sound like FFDP. The vocals are auto tuned which Ivan does not need. He has amazing vocals so this is really unnecessary. I’m getting more of a country vibe from this song than I am metal. They’re kinda selling out on this song. Hopefully they’ll go back to their roots that made them famous in first place. If you’re a fan of FFDP be prepared to be disappointed in this effort. If you’re a casual fan you might think this is ok and it’s fine but it’s not a true FFDP song. It’s just really disappointing to hear them change their signature sound that made them so great in the first place
  • Who listens to this

    By Maloley
    Broke people forced to listen to radio that’s all they have! Cheeeeeeese Rock
  • Like the message, don’t like the country softness

    By DrivingWithWindowsDownAndMusicBlaring
    The writing was on the wall with how their music has gotten lately, and now it’s here. A country-ish version of a FFDP song, complete with a “country” artist guest starring. Listen, I am SUPER appreciative of FFDP honoring and respecting first responders/military. The message they are trying to get across, expressed in their own words, is much appreciated. That’s not my issue. It’s the music itself. I really miss the harder, gutsier FFDP. The way this song seems to be blowing up, as most soft, billboard-crossing songs do, will only make them continue to be soft.