i love you billie eilish lyrics

Billie Eilish Song

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-03-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14


Song i love you billie eilish lyrics
bad guy
you should see me in a crown
all the good girls go to hell
wish you were gay
when the party's over
my strange addiction
bury a friend
listen before i go
i love you


  • What?

    By Javiizz
    I don’t understand the hype for this girl. This music seriously sounds so dead and un-meaningful. Like there’s no purpose to each song that this girl releases. Maybe she should go to college and try to learn a few things and travel maybe. Or experience life a bit more so that she can actually write something that’s worth listening to. Don’t get me wrong, her voice is beautiful. But these songs are not powerful or transcendent to the art of music.
  • Dark Angel Voice

    By Andra694
    I love her the tone of her voice...I often forget I’m listening to such sad, emotionally deep songs bc her voice is so majestic.
  • Awesome!

    By croc19
    Honestly, the people who hate the song and the crazy lyrics just don’t understand. I’ll admit some of Billie fans are depressed but being depressed is something nobody can control and that doesn’t mean Billie Eilish is bad all together. She is a 17 year old with a very interesting mind, it’s fun to listen to her and try to guess what all her songs are about. She is very inspiring and is my idol. AND STOP COMPARING HER TO MELANIE, LORDE, AND EVEN ARIANA GRANDE! Billie is Billie.
  • Da Best

    By Momof2boys1314
    This is hands down the best new artist that is releasing music constantly!!! You keep going Billie and be the star that you are!!! If only you could rate things more than 5 stars. She totally qualifies for that!!
  • YES

    By Kkshk
    So glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves and can’t wait for the new album! So far the songs from the new album have been bomb af. Her music in general is just hauntingly beautiful! Love her.
  • Billie

    By lil S is in.
    Her music just keeps getting better and better 🤘🏼🔥

    By ukulele scremø ||-//
    Billie is so talented for her age .Now before people start to say “But she mumbles and she’s creepy in her videos and she sounds creepy nowadays” She has a very talented voice and she has an alternative sound (witch I love) but she is a lot like me she hates herself in So many ways like me back to the point I CAN’T WAIT for the album so that’s it
  • Different but good

    By duuuuuuudddeeeee
    Ok just because this isn’t what she normally does doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Honestly I never thought I would like a song like “bury a friend” but she helped me explore different genres of music. Let’s say you don’t really like “bury a friend” or “you should see me in a crown,” Billie has a whole other album and more with amazing music. Nothing sounds the same and there is music for every mood. Give her a real chance don’t base your opinion off of 1 song.
  • Amazing

    By poopie30189
    I’ve been a fan of Billie for a long, LONG time. I’m only 12 and I’ve heard all of her songs except these. To see these hate comments makes me think “ wow, I bet no one would say this to her in real life.” What’s so good about social media? I honestly don’t get it. We always need a ton of likes and followers. But who the f cares! Where does that get you in life? No where.
  • Cool!

    By Vasily Rose
    DONT LISTEN TO THESE PPL GIVING U ALL OF THIS HATE!! I love this music it is so different and unique! Ppl may say it’s for edgy emos[im an emo] and sure, why not? But y’all are just being flat out rude! I would buy this whole album If I had the money but I don’t but I listen to the previews every single freakin day! Not many ppl have The ability to make songs like this. I’ve never heard a voice like yours. It is beautiful and so mysterious! The music and the build up of suspense is absolutely astonishing! I didn’t know a song could make me feel like this. Not many ppl will put themselves in the singer/songwriter’s position before writing a review. The world can be cruel and ppl may not care about how you would feel when they say these things. I personally think you have much talent and potential for your music so keep it up despite what the haters may say! [I would know I’ve been bullied my whole life literally] when I hear you voice I immediately know “hey! That’s Billie Eilish!” I recommend you to ppl Ik every day. Please keep making our music and don’t look at what these ppl say. You have a beautiful voice 🖤. Keep up the amazing work!