Weezer (Teal Album) - Weezer

no scrubs weezer lyrics

Weezer Song

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-01-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10


Song no scrubs weezer lyrics
Everybody Wants to Rule the Wo
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This
Take on Me
Happy Together
Mr. Blue Sky
No Scrubs
Billie Jean
Stand by Me


  • This is fun.

    By remlap26
    I love the iTunes reviewers who act like they’re writing for rolling stone. Get over yourselves. This album is a blast.
  • Just Awful

    By Lordseal92
    They barely even did anything to make these unique...like paranoid sounds the exact same. Where’s the effort? Seems like a quick cash grab...
  • Disappointingly flat

    By dogears42
    Kudos to Weezer for trying to take on some ambitious material. However, they reached too far and came up short. Almost all of the original artists that they cover have a much better vocal range, and key moments in the songs consistently come up flat. The post production mastering also leaves a lot to be desired. The dynamic range is noticeably compressed and there are countless distortions caused by the mastering.
  • Ummm...

    By schizm88
    All these “covers” sound just like the originals. They didn’t even try to make them their own. What’s the point?
  • Best Cover Album EVER!

    By Wendilyn22
    I had no idea this was coming out and this has totally made my week. I immediately linked all my friends to the album They managed to pick some of my all time favorite songs from the 80's and they did them such justice. Great album, not a bad song in the bunch. Pure classics! I will have this on repeat for a very long time to come. I have beena fan since the Blue album came out and this was such a great treat. Thanks!
  • Come on

    By RT review
    An entire album of covers that sound exactly like the original, kind of lazy.
  • files were mastered WAY too hot!

    By SlashMC
    I was looking forward to this, but the sound quality here, on Apple Music, Spotify, everywhere, is horrible. The files were mastered way way way too hot. Most of the tracks distort terribly. Somebody really messed this up and I hope they replace these.
  • KARAOKE NOT COVER... Disappointed 😔

    By craiganthony9
    Weezer is one of my all-time favorite bands since high school. When I heard the new Africa song I was so amped but then at the chorus, instead of hearing hard guitars and Weezer’s sound, I heard a soft identical karaoke cover... Could have been SO MUCH better. Punk rock covers are always the best because they take the song and make it their own. This album could have been so much more... 😩😩
  • Big Weezer fan here

    By Bigcatinva
    Well, these are spot on covers of pop songs from the past. You’ll have a hard time telling them from the original which is the problem I have with it. I wish they were a little more Weezer and less Michael Jackson, Toto, and the like. The band showcases just how tight a band they really are but I’m missing what made Weezer a great band with this album. If you like covers or this is the first time you’ve ever heard these songs you’ll enjoy.
  • shows their creative range

    By Frank Reality
    I don't get all the critics who complain these covers sound like the originals. It's actually very DIFFICULT to sound like 10 or so different bands. This is not lazy, and anybody who's ever tried to do a cover knows how difficult it is to do it well. If you don't approximate the original in some way, people note how far short it falls and then gripe about that.