7 rings - Single - Ariana Grande

7 rings ariana grande lyrics

Ariana Grande Song

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-01-18
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1


Song 7 rings ariana grande lyrics
7 rings


  • Unfortunately…

    By OKkkk:)
    It’s not a good song. You can barely understand what she’s saying. We don’t have to act like this is a good song just because it’s Ariana.
  • The worst song ever

    By IstanMe
    The worst song ever !
  • Wouldn’t even give it one star🤮

    By BballLover71
    Copied 2 songs in this one. Come up with your own material or don’t write another song💕
  • Terrible

    By Matt4270
    Just lazy, and an overall bad song.
  • Screw this song

    By So many slim shadys
    Ari just "sampled" a classic song, My Favorite Things, and wiped her crap all over it. This literally sounds like a nursery rhyme on drugs, with modern auto tune effects all over it. And guess what, it’s another breakup song we don’t need! Jesus, don’t we have enough of these already? But overall, this song is generic trash, and nothing about it, not even the beat makes it special. Also, I realized that her flow knocked off Soulja Boys' song "Pretty Boy Swag"
  • No sis

    By mega fan010
    Rap isn’t her strong point. I don’t like it. I love ari. But not this song
  • 🤔

    By chrissy8727
    She has always been a culture vulture and in this song she’s not trying to hide it.
  • Weak AF! Wish i could UN-LISTEN to this song

    By Hell Of An Angel
    STOP TRYING TO BE SOMETHING YOUR CLEARLY NOT! These lyrics are generic as hell with absolutely no substance. And her breathy vocal tone is gettin played out; her tone does not suit this track at all! Her vocal delivery just doesn't pack a punch with these lyrics. Kehlani would've made a better candidate for this track or even Normani. But Ari needs to stick to the Bubblegum Pop she's been known for; although 98% of her (BP) music sounds alike, which is why she probably wanted to try something out of her element with 7 rings. I would give this song a rating of 7 negative stars if it were an option. I'm just not "easily" impressed with music nowadays; it's just too bad most people are so enamored and impressionable, with the quality of music being produced by most artists this day and age.

    By Gia Gall
    Why is she doing this weird stuff now? It’s stupid and cringey and she should stick to thank u next and normal Ari stuff, Sweetener was different enough from your normal but was at least good! this “new thing” your coming out with with imagine and 7 rings is terrible. Stop!
  • Basic

    More garbage

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