This Land - Gary Clark Jr.

what about us gary clark jr lyrics

Gary Clark Jr. Song

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-02-22
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17



  • Powerful indictment of America

    By Pharoah2011
    "This Land" is a not a easy song to listen to. In fact, it's downright harsh and strident on the ears. But that's the point. These last two years have been soul crushing with anyone with a heart, mind and soul. It's time America is woke. "This Land" is a clarion call for a just society.
  • Awesome

    By the o-dogg
    Great guitar work, and powerful. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album. (I think the one-star ratings below must come from politically-motivated haters -- which is ironic, since the lyrics in this song are about the devastating power of hate.)
  • Powerful

    By Ryan Steinbeck
    If you can’t handle opposing views, you probably shouldn’t be listening to music. This is bold, definitely written out of anger and frustration, which is always a good source of inspiration for music.
  • Thank you

    By Kunye vest
    This music and guitar playing is amazing! The complexity and layers of emotions transcends the intellectual listeners to a higher state! The triggering lyrics takes the power away from the offended listeners as their frustration becomes powerless in their anger and even more powerless in actions. They (the offended) will try hard to take that power back by putting the musician down but only will give the musician and fans more power! The immense joy we shall have!! Thank you for being offended and angry! Thank you Gary!
  • Can i give it zero stars?

    By BHess25
    Complete garbage. Here’s another talented guy wasting his gifts and potential, because he’s using music as a platform to act like he’s a victim.
  • Return if the Real

    By Say’What?
    Everything you played this past Years on tour was amazing. And this single if 🔥 So go head and claim it brother.
  • Wow...

    By The Thruth You Can't Handle
    I’ve loved a lot of Gary’s music, but man, this song is like an angry, downbeat, low-effort, uninspiring version of Everyday People that almost no one can play in their car without sounding like they’re horrifically racist. This is social commentary in the form of smacking someone in the face with a sociology textbook until the only thing they associate with society is pain and misery. Really expected more effort and finesse from such a talented musician.
  • Stick to the blues and quit the hip-hop

    By Jtw1314
    First song drips of politics and Social BS. Just play the blues and quit the hip hop grunts. You’re not Jayzee. L
  • Cuba5

    By cuba5
    The hate he has for Trump does not transcend into good music! His worst album by far.
  • So long, GC Jr!

    By BabeRufus
    I thought this talented artist was going to be a torchbearer of the blues, and his fantastic double live album from a few years ago proved he’s well qualified for that, but this tune doesn’t sound much better than his last studio album, which was pure garbage. I’m writing him off...what a sorry state of affairs music is in...make no mistake...this period, right now, is by far the worst era in the history of popular music!!