Look Up Child - Lauren Daigle

everything lauren daigle lyrics

Lauren Daigle Song

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2018-09-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13


Song everything lauren daigle lyrics
Still Rolling Stones
This Girl
Your Wings
You Say
Love Like This
Look Up Child
Losing My Religion
Rebel Heart
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


  • So Good

    By booklover4532
    I’ll admit, I’m not the most religious person, but there’s something about the lyrics, her voice, and the production that truly make this album such a lovely listen. Aside from the spiritual references and themes, I can relate to so much of the feelings her music conveys that I don’t mind the religious undertones and can even appreciate them.
  • Amazing voice despite the criticism.

    By nuni72989
    So she happens to sound Like Adele so people now claim she is trying to be her. Ok so she has a great voice and sounds similar so why is that a problem. Then Christians are bashing her for not being a true Christian. You can be a Christian without saying Jesus a million times in a song. You can just hear the lyrics and feel a spiritual calm inside. There are many christian songs that sound like regular songs and that is ok. It is how you bring more people to Christ by appealing to a wider audience and having them feel like anyone of all kinds can come to Christ no matter their past or how they look or dress. A true Christian wants more people to come to Christ without judging and making them feel like everyone is good enough for God.
  • In love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By harpy13
    All the hate that this album is getting is all false! She has a one of a kind voice that she uses to praise God! She is a big impact on my life through her music! The song You Say is one of a kind I love the lyrics to it! The song Still Rolling Stones is just an upbeat kind song and I love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ would recommend this album to everyone! God is good all the time and all the time God is good!
  • Incredible album… but why the reupload?

    By SamLY2K
    This album is worth every penny. Each song has its own unique vibrance and power to it, yet it all joins together for an important message and a wonderful sound. So why did iTunes reupload this one? Is it a glitch? A remix? A remaster? Whatever it is, it confuses me, but none of it can take away the greatness of this record. Thanks to Lauren and the team for a job well done!!
  • Be Open and Just Feel the music

    By Bella Bustos Ybarra
    If you like the sound of Adele then you will appreciate the music Lauren Daigle has to offer you. The sound is not the only componant to sell this album, the message of her lyrics empowers you to over come insecurities and seek strength to rise up. Great work! Just take a listen to Rebel Heart, Still Rolling Stones, You Say, and Love Like This. You will be sold.
  • Grammy Winner for a Reason

    By Bluecylucy
    This album is amazing. It’s disappointing to see those who give a one star just for the reason of trying to reach new audiences. It’s not like she’s cursing or singing secularly, this is most definitely a worship album. However, it’s also an album that anyone can listen to just for music purposes. Keep up the great work Lauren, we love you!
  • Blessed Child!!

    By Deeperboo
    Lauren is without a doubt one of the most gifted artists I have ever heard. Her voice and powerful lyrics transports my soul closer to God! This album is a work of art, a work of love and a work of God’s mercy. Thank you, dear sister, for allowing God use you in such an amazing way...! Keep loving and seeking Him!
  • If you are a believer

    By Lifeisariver
    When you listen to the words, you hear the meaning and your heart stirs. Some compare her voice to Adele. To me though there are similarities she is unique. You can relate to her music and when I listen to this album, my God speaks. I want nothing else from a Christian music CD, this is true if you are a believer.
  • #I’m lovin’ it

    By 4king&kountry
    I absolutely loved this album!!!It is so uplifting....the best way to worship God!!!
  • Amazing !!!

    By Morgan749
    Some of the most empowering music I’ve ever heard