Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture) - Various Artists

start a riot duckwrth shaboozey lyrics

Various Artists Song

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2018-12-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13


Song start a riot duckwrth shaboozey lyrics
What's Up Danger
Way Up
Familia (feat. Bantu)
Start a Riot
Hide (feat. Seezyn)
Save the Day (feat. Coi Leray
Let Go
Scared of the Dark (feat. XXXT
Elevate (feat. Denzel Curry, Y


  • This ISN’T awfully homogenous?

    By NickPetron
    It’s okay. It’s generic new hip hop stuff you’d hear on your local hip hop and r&b radio station. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with it, but to criticize the old Spider-Man movies soundtrack because it’s “awfully homogenous”...? They had trendy rock music of the day, and this one has trendy rap music of the day. It’s just swapping trends. For such a diverse set of characters, the soundtrack isn’t diverse at all.
  • All rap isn’t diversity

    By Mjharrell
    Even the description is political
  • Auto tuned and lame

    By Pretendo64
    It’s all just lame auto tuned pop rap. Lowest common denominator garbage with no effort
  • rate the music, not the itunes description

    By quadri b.
    i’m disappointed to be reading all these reviews of people disregarding the album completely to talk about how stupid the itunes description is. yes, it is pretty stupid, but that’s not what you’re reviewing. i would also encourage you to consider the fact that the soundtracks of both Black Panther and Spiderverse, which released in 2018, really stand out because of their connections to minority culture. so if you wanna talk homogenous, look at the majority of soundtracks (and movies) that exist today. the way that this album is diverse is not found within the album itself, but in the way that it stands out from among its peers. maybe that’ll make up for the crappy itunes description a bit. as for me, i thouroughly enjoyed the album. it went perfectly with the movie itself. i wish it wasn’t so rare to hear movies play stuff like juice wrld in the middle of them, because i was really happy when they did. i’m super proud of the movie and the songs that go with it.
  • Flawless

    By TheFaller
    This is the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard, accompanying the film to create a masterpiece of animation and storytelling. There is nothing bad about this, just perfect, smooth beats. And for some reason I want Weird Al to do a polka cover of Familia. It just seems like it would sound good. But that’s just me. Why are you still reading this? Download this album and listen. Do it now. It’s worth it.

    By CreateTakenNickname
    Not here, not on the score, the one thing I want from this movie soundtrack.
  • Garbage

    By theresnonamesavailbale
    Garbage passing as music, (sounds like today’s sound)!
  • Great Album to go with an Amazing Movie!

    By The_BoyZ
    This album captured a since of feeling that just mixed so well with the movie and our main Character, Miles. If you’re a person who loves beats and wants good rhymes to flow with it, then this is the album for you. Before I bought it I listened to it on YouTube and even on a song I didn’t like a first (Start a Riot) when listening I grew to love ever song and it’s uniqueness. My favorite song on here might be Mi Familia, that just hits home for me on a personal level.👌🏼 If you’ve read this far thanks for reading how you enjoyed my own review and hope it was helpful! Enjoy jamming to this album!
  • Amazing Songs but there is just one thing

    By Hggfvxbdbdh
    All of the songs in this album are amazing but the only reason why I am giving this album 3 stars is because the song Home is an album only song that we had to wait a full year for, when Home is no longer an album only song I will change the rating to 5 stars
  • What’s up Danger

    By HypeCorner
    This song is absolute fire! 🔥