Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture) - Various Artists

hide feat seezyn juice wrld lyrics

Various Artists Song

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2018-12-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13


Song hide feat seezyn juice wrld lyrics
What's Up Danger
Way Up
Familia (feat. Bantu)
Start a Riot
Hide (feat. Seezyn)
Save the Day (feat. Coi Leray
Let Go
Scared of the Dark (feat. XXXT
Elevate (feat. Denzel Curry, Y


  • Variety? Not even close

    By Mickiemowse
    So iTunes’ review mentioned the original Spider-Man soundtrack was homogenous compared to this one. Funny, because every song on here is some form of hip hop. No big deal, but don’t try to sell us on some false pretense that there’s some kind of variety when CLEARLY there isn’t. BOTH soundtracks are products of their time. In 2002, Emo-rock was all the rage. In 2018, anyone with a mumble is going to be at the top of the charts. I digress. As for the tracks here...They’re very much typical to most of this generation’s popular music—it’s simply OK.
  • Really?

    By Natolodeon
    You can’t call the original soundtrack homogenous and say this one is perfectly fine. There is no variety in music here, just a bunch of regular sounding tunes that are popular today, just like the 2002 one. Have some double standards please
  • “Something AWFULLY homogenous”

    By akirna
    It’s a shame that the music directors pervert racism when introducing a majority black lineup. That the prior 2002 soundtrack was “something awfully homogenous,” hinting at the mostly white lineup, is the exact racism they delude themselves of “solving” here. Judging prior artists on the color of their skin…shame…Dr. King must be rolling in his grave.
  • Dishonesty will not get you anywhere

    By ConversingChuckTaylor
    It’s just Hip-Hop/Rap or Pop, where is the other genres or “diversity” as you claim. Next time be honest in your summary iTunes (but it seems you have a problem with any “mainstream” album that is released) smh.
  • Really?

    By pholly
    This is what’s wrong with America today, everything is political for no reason, even the description of this horrible soundtrack.
  • The Message?

    By Jacob Knight Cyrus
    The only explanation I’m receiving from the dynamic of this album is that it ridicules the 2002 lineup, stereotyping its listeners, and justifies the Hip-Hop majority as a more fitting lineup for today’s culture... they go on to mention the late XXXTENTACION’s feature, but fails to mention how he physically and brutally assaulted his girlfriend, in which her face was severely damaged. I guess that’s what we want... I guess that’s the culture we need to teach our children about.
  • Amazing, Spectacular...

    By misskaybird
    Sensational, superior...all the Spider-Man adjectives! I was surprised by how much I like this soundtrack. The usual music I listen to is a lot different from this, but this soundtrack won me over. The music worked so well in the movie that I decided to give it a full listen at home and it’s been on repeat since then. I love how there are different vibes throughout the soundtrack- some songs are emotional, some are chill, and some get you hyped just from listening. Awesome movie AND awesome soundtrack, can’t get much better than that!
  • Double standard

    By lilceas
    So the old Spidey soundtrack was homogeneous, but this one’s not? 🤔
  • Shut up, Apple!

    By TrashPanda 2099
    Stop pushing a political agenda in your iTunes “reviews”; iTunes should be about music that anyone can enjoy and be a place where people can be united. This is just divisive and disgusting. 😔
  • Flawless

    By TheFaller
    This is the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard, accompanying the film to create a masterpiece of animation and storytelling. There is nothing bad about this, just perfect, smooth beats. And for some reason I want Weird Al to do a polka cover of Familia. It just seems like it would sound good. But that’s just me. Why are you still reading this? Download this album and listen. Do it now. It’s worth it.