A Star Is Born Soundtrack - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

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Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Song

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 35




    By ElijahRBen
    This is a work of ART
  • A REAL STAR Is Born Again!

    By funyogui
    Could you believe that Gaga maybe the first female singer have chance to chase the Oscar Best Actress in the 21st century?I live in RIGHT TIME!
  • Excited

    By Zzjjll101
    Can this already be out ❤️
  • Best soundtrack ever!!!

    By Sheluvschelsie
    I LOVE this movie!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s seen it multiple times and just can’t get it out of my head. This movie as well as the music has touched me in a way no other has. I can’t say enough about how incredible both Lady Gaga & Bradley were in this movie, they were absolutely brilliant together! Their chemistry was insane - you could FEEL they love they shared as Ally & Jack! These two amazing artists deserve an Oscar & Grammy for their performances! I honestly think this movie is an instant classic and a MUST see for everyone! I have seen it 3 times but plan to go again and can’t wait to purchase the DVD once it is available - I need to see all the bonus material!! Kudos to Lady Gags and Bradley for a breathtakingly beautiful movie and phenomenal soundtrack ! ❤️

    By johnpaulx
    This will be a Grammy winning and Oscar winning album. Gaga has done it again!
  • Gaga is the Queen

    By Topherx431
    Music does not get any better than this. This album shows Gaga’s versatility. Country, Jazz, ballads, and pop bangers. She can literally do anything. And the movie is a must-see!!
  • amazing

    By vlasii
    love gaga love bradley your favs can wish !
  • If the trailer serves any indication...

    By luismi0022
    The first hint at this movie’s music was given to us with its first trailer. If that serves any indication as to how good the live versions (film) and studio versions (OST) of the songs are, and just how good they are on their own, then... we have a Grammy worthy album about to drop alongside an Oscar frontrunner.
  • This is the Soundtrack for the Ages!!

    By MadgesBaeBae
    These songs are amazing! Gaga’s voice transcends time and space. The dialogue is a beautiful addition to these Oscar worthy songs. I give it a solid 10 out of 10!
  • How? Why?

    By todsmod
    How and why are there so many positive reviews from a movie/soundtrack that hasn't been seen or heard? The amount of promotion this remake of a remake or a remake.....receives is beyond belief. The industry tries desperately to make this insecure "artist" become something time and time again, while she has no actual persona (she may have a voice, but is totally void of emotion) and is lacking any creativity and/or connectivity. How can anyone be convinced by someone who has no clue who she is or what it is she's trying to be. No true identity or passion. Just greedy desire to be something....while screaming her "talent" and latching on to anything to give herself a soul. Lost. All is lost with this hopeless attention seeker....void of character and charisma (or blame it on her multiple diseases/victimizations she also uses)? True talent is achieved through hard work, honesty and originality. She lacks ALL of these qualities.