Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

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Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton Song

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2015-09-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 46



  • You may not think you'll like it...

    By Guildive
    I admit, I had major doubts and reservations about this whole concept when I first heard about it. I majored in history, and the Revolution and Early Republic are my focus. I have immense respect for this time period and I don't like to see history subverted to fill a pop culture niche. I am also a major fan of musical theatre, and I participate both as a viewer and actor. I love Sherman Edward's and Peter Stone's 1776, and when I heard there was going to be a musical about Hamilton, one of my absolute favorite historical figures (trust me, I named my son, Hamilton, after this man), I was very excited. All this said, I am absolutely not a fan of hip-hop/rap and most modern R&B. I feel that the vast majority is derivative, unimaginative, and adds nothing to the musical landscape. As such, I was beyond disappointed and a little upset that the time period I love so much was going to be tarnished with a "Whassup, homie?" approach. But I gave it a listen anyway. I stand amazed and utterly impressed by what Lin-Manuel Miranda has done with this. Not only did I (quite unexpectedly) enjoy the music, but I was relieved and thrilled to discover that Miranda treated the source material with respect and knew what he was talking about. Yes, there are of course historical inaccuracies, but nowhere near as many as in 1776, and the few that are there are standard artistic license, totally forgivable. The music is melodic and catchy, and filled with all the dramatic highs and emotional lows that you find in the best-written Broadway fare. If you are like I was, a non-hip-hop fan staring at the album wondering if it's worth your time, please listen as you would any other musical. Unless you are completely closed off to modern musicals, you will find something, probably many things, to like here. And this is from someone who went into the album expecting to hate it. A great new addition to the American musical theatre family.
  • Just...just buy the album.

    By CatianaTron
    I don't care that you haven't seen the show, don't like musical theatre. Just. Buy. It.
  • A Game-Changer

    By ChaoticCorey
    Lin-Manuel Miranda has written a total game-changer with Hamilton. I saw the how twice. Once Off-Broadway at the Public and again on Broadway in the Rodgers. Not only did it improve upon transfer, but it excels even better on a bigger stage in front of a bigger, more responsive house. This album contains hip-hop, rap, R&B, british pop, and even musical theatre styles, blending all of these into one large immersive experience that is massive in scope, yet intimate and moving at the same time. This is going to be the musical of our century, folks.
  • yes, its really that good!

    By Clousee
    History is being made at the same time it is being re-told. Whoever said learning can’t be fun, obviously needs this recording in their life AND also needs to see this show! Kudos to Lin, The Cabinet, musicians, actors and producers who worked tirelessly to bring this to fruition-you have brought the thunder. I have been in the room where it happens and am satisfied . If you don’t know, now you know
  • Simply the best

    By Carson Higgs
    If you don't think you like musicals, listen to Hamilton. If you think American history can be boring, listen to Hamilton. If you don't think you like hip hop, listen to Hamilton. Grab some headphones and sit in a comfy chair and listen to this album front to back for one of the single greatest artistic achievements of the last hundred years.
  • Awesome

    By jbvanellis
    "In the Heights" great. "Hamilton" far surpasses it! If you're a Broadway Musical lover, don't miss this show.
  • "Yes. It really is that good." - NY Times

    By Pascalgal
    In the show, Hamilton asks Angelica where she's taking him, and she replies, "I'm about to change your life." Hamilton says, "By all means, lead the way." I feel like we could be asking the same of Lin-Manuel Miranda, for if you love theater, he's about to change your life - with this masterpiece leading the way. It's easily the best thing I've ever seen, and I can't say that lightly. By this album. "History is happening...."

    By afawizz
    IVE BEEN WAITING HALF A YEAR FOR THIS! all the songs are AMAZING but the ones sung by king George are definitely my favorite. YAYAYAYA CANT WAIT
  • Historical Hip-Hop

    By Eyewitness1
    Saw this on Broadway a couple weeks ago, and it’s spectacular. The best musical in a generation, and a great history lesson too. Can’t wait for the cast album!
  • Close to perfect

    By Howard_Rim
    To be clear it's not a strict rap album, but a mix of "hip hop" and other genres including theater which are hauntingly beautiful. I did not fully appreciate just how good the music was when I saw the show which was almost overwhelming with energy. Listening to the soundtrack over and over helped me appreciate the many levels of the music. Unfortunately not every song is a masterpiece, but most are pretty close