Can't Slow Down - Foreigner

Can't Slow Down


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13


Title Lyrics Time
Can't Slow Down 3:28
In Pieces 3:53
When It Comes to Love 3:53
Living In a Dream 3:42
I Can't Give Up 4:31
Ready 3:43
Give Me a Sign 3:52
I'll Be Home Tonight 4:13
Too Late 3:45
Lonely 3:28
As Long As I Live 3:47
Angel Tonight 3:31
Fool for You Anyway 4:04
Can't Slow Down - Foreigner
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  • Foreigner still has it!!!

    By sstinyhippo
    Saw them live recently and I must say that the addition of Kelly Hansen on lead vocals was a brilliant pick. Foreigner still rocks!!! Their new stuff is different, but I really like it. Kelly is amazing to see live, he sings both the old songs and the new songs like a pro. I will definitely see them every time they come to the Seattle area.
  • Junk with no Lou!

    By Brianthedaddy
    Beware this is not Lou on vocals. It is Kelly Hanson. Wannabe Lou the real voice of Foreigner!
  • A solid album, worth the time.

    By R. Frehley
    I have listened to this several times and it gets better with every listen. There will always be Lou Gramm, Kelly Hanson comparisons. The fact is Kelly is a terrific front man with a great voice. Mick Jones has still got it, and I've always been a big Jeff Pilson fan. Nice to hear new material. The album is heavy on rock ballads, but they all work. The sleeper song is the Mark Ronson, Thomas Brenneck (Menahan Street Band), produced "Fool for you Anyway". If given the chance see this Foreigner line up, they won't disappoint.

    By Fortfun
    Mick Jones has just assembled a bunch of musicians & stuck with the name Foreigner, but that just doesn’t work anymore than if Keith Richards put together a band with 3 other people & called it the Rolling Stones. No Lou Graham - No Foreigner.
  • Good follow up to Inside Information

    By Bobula
    This album is a lot better then the sales and recognition it received. It was released quietly and dropped off the charts without much of a dent. However when you listen to the album it is better then anything they have released since Inside Information. Had it been released back then I am certain it would have at least gone Platinum like its predicessor. It is good from start to finish. There are few if any fillers. The best songs are In Pieces, Can't Slow Down, and When It comes to Love. There is no new ground broken here but that doesn't mean it is a poor album. It is solid. Kelley Hensen sounds so much like Lou Gaham that you don't miss Graham.
  • Awesome!

    By jazzlvr88
    I had been out of touch with Foreigner's music for a few years, and then I saw them in concert last year. Wow - what a performance. So, I realized that this album was out there and decided to check it out when I heard a song on the radio. I was missing out. I really like this album alot. Some of the familiar sound, but fresh sound as well. Kelly Hansen is phenomenal. Foreigner has always been one of my favorite rock groups from the day, and now with this new album it's like coming back to an old friend. Awesome.
  • Too bad Kelly can't sing live

    By NorCal_Ibanez
    Lou Gramm is Foreigner. Kelly sounds great in a studio recording mixed to sound nearly like him but I have seen him live and he is more like a cover singer and it does not have that warmth Lou had. Not even close. Sadly Mick Jones should have retired and left Lou's legacy tone grow old in our memories. Stick with the original albums, trust me.
  • These days, Kelly Hansen sounds more like Lou Gramm than Lou Gramm!

    By ScooterChapman
    Heard "In Pieces" recently at the Safeway store I work out. Went searching for it under Lou Gramm, then discovered it was Foreigner. Thought, "Oh, Lou & Foreigner must've gotten back together again for this one," only to discover this is with new singer Kelly Hansen. Sounds just like Lou! In fact, he sounds more like Lou than Lou does now (Don't know what's happened to Lou's voice, but I saw him live a few years back and wouldn't have known it was him if they hadn't told me). It's tough not to be skeptical when a great band changes singers, but I might have to give these guys a break. Haven't heard the whole album yet, so I'll have to give this 3 stars for now, but based on the samples, it's at least that good. Nice job, Kelly!
  • Caint slow down

    By Nickolas Lapasnick
    This ghy and the band made me re fall for foreigner...hope to catch them in consert....they rock so GOOD!!!!
  • Bad Joke

    This is a Karaoke version of the real Foreigner. Mick Jones should be ashamed of himself. If he had any balls he'd have started a new band. Foreigner is Lou Gramm and there's simply no getting around that. Totally disrespectful, a cheap shot and a bad joke.