Mr. Moonlight - Foreigner

Mr. Moonlight


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1994-10-31
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11


Title Lyrics Time
Under the Gun 3:54
Rain 4:34
Until the End of Time 4:51
White Lie 4:16
Big Dog 4:46
Real World 6:19
All I Need to Know 4:44
Hole In My Soul 5:08
I Keep Hoping 5:15
Running the Risk 5:09
Hand On My Heart 4:58
Mr. Moonlight - Foreigner
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  • Huge Letdown Sad Lou Went out like this

    By BJD01
    For people Who Dont Know the death Of Foreigner Can Be Traced Back to the Payola Syndome which killed so manny Great Bands as well as Made them I wanna Know what Love is Destroyed Any chance of Foreigner Moving In a Rock Direction which Aleinated Lou Gramm And he Left Foreinger Come to Mr Moonlight there Is no Creative Spark Any where Lou and Mick are Just Going through the motions Here It sounds Like to my ears Lou Sounds Great as he Always Did Sorry Kelly Phonie Haneson Your Not Lou Gramm Find a New Band to front where you can be yourself . Highlights for Me Are Until the end of time All I Need to know Or Maybe Rain Everything else is dull soft rock And Mick Jones ounce again Proved His ego got in the way of this ounce Great Band . Foreigner 4 Remains their legacy followed by Double vision and Foreigner
  • Lou Gramm

    By mretraine
    This album is completely underrated. This has the best Lou Gramm vocals period. There is so much emotion in this album and I think it is because of the inner turmoil of the band during the recording.
  • good cd

    By husker blue
    this is a typical foreighner cd if you like the others ull like this one.the only difference in this one is that lou brought the musicians with him from his solo cds and added jones , and if you listen to lous solo cds youll think youre listening to foreighner too.when i buy a cd by a band like this this is what i want to hear i dont want a bunch of changes in the sound i can buy someone elses music for that ,so if you like foreighner and havent heard this cd get it you wont be dissapointed
  • Not bad, but the BEST Foreigner Album? WTH?

    By PK Black
    Uhm, by 1995, Foreigner was not really Foreigner anymore. Now, don't get me wrong. They put on a hell of a live show. But is this album really better than "4?" I cannot imagine who believes this, other than record company execs, in 1995.
  • It's about time iTunes!

    By ant beee
    Not that this album is particularly great, but I've been waiting for iTunes to get this album for a LONG time. I met a special woman 13 years ago in 1995 at the photo lab where I worked. Every time I heard "Until The End of Time" I couldn't stop thinking about her. I ended up marrying that special woman a year later and this is our song. She even engraved "Until The End of Time 1996" in my wedding band. Thank you iTunes for rekindling those romantic first moments of our lives together. I love you, Bethy---Shayne
  • Foreigner still Top

    By Oaxer
    I bought this CD 1995. Not all the Song a good to listen but there 5 Songs on this CD they are worth to buy. 1. Rain - excellent Ballade 2. Until the End of Time - the Best Song on this Album a Dream Ballade 3.White Lie - Good Tune you will like it 4. I Keep Hoping - This Song is a genial Ballade too 5. Running the Risk - A typical Foreigner Song - Very Good These are my Favs
  • This is an excellent album that doesn't get its proper dues.

    By Dr_Porcupine
    Granted, this album is a little different than the earlier Foreigner works, but don't count it out! There are many great songs on this album that are complex in music and have powerful lyrics. I bought this when it was first released back in 1995 and it has been a favorite of mine ever sense. Rain, Real World, All I Need to Know, Hand on My Heart, all are fantastic songs; a little slow, but great with a classic rock sound. The only one that kind of sticks out is Big Dog, which is a little cheesy and, frankly, not very good IMHO. If you are looking for some good untapped rock, take a look at this one (even iTunes overlooks this one).
  • Great Foreigner CD

    By RcoasterA
    This may be late in the game for foreigner, and the last to feature vocalist Lou Gramm, but it still maintains a high degree of quality. Sure there are alot of ballads that you can just skip, but there are truly some great gems. Under The Gun, White Lie, All I need to Know and Until the End of time are great. White Lie and Under the Gun are classic foreigner rockers with a bit of blues. Do yourself a favor and download this CD.
  • Hey, iTune-ers!!

    By mutemath<3
    This album doesn't get the recognition it deserves. It's got some pretty good stuff on it...Listen, uninformed grasshoppers, and you shall hear.<--- (( Went a little Confucious on you guys))
  • This is a great album

    By spidermanmike
    I'm a big Lou Gramm/Foreigner fan, and I love this album.