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  • where is she out of her comfort zone???

    By nikki&life
    I truly have enjoyed AK music however this sounds the same as all of her other music. Same verses, same tone. I get it, if it ain't broke, don't fix it however with maturity and comfortability with self I just thought her music would grow. I was wrong. Or maybe it's just me and my need for wanting more from a talented artist.
  • Nasally

    By Rayroc81
    Not quite sure why people like this. Keys can't sing. It sounds as if she is singing through her nose. Her piano playing has hever been spectacular. Go buy some India.arie for real singing and REAL songs. peace
  • Meh

    By Mcdoopy
    Not so good. Time to retire
  • Hang it up Ascreechia

    By mash208
    The woman can’t sing anymore. She lost her talent when she got with Swiss Beats.
  • Been done

    By Sean M. H.
    More repetitive, redundant “soulful” sound :/
  • Love it!!

    By Flor123456789012
    I really like this album! It is not like anything else she's done. She is amazing on the piano but I'm actually glad she stepped away from it and created a new sound. Many of her albums sound the same. This doesn't!
  • Thank you Alicia keys!

    By ejo031
    Beautiful,Sexy,peaceful,calming, all the feels. Love love her vibe and tranquility she brings with her from her lyrics to the coolness in her tones. She makes me feel uplifted and just so happy her music gets me through the day thank you Alicia for getting me through and riding with me .

    By amiran14
    For clear skin!
  • Not like what it was

    By gb0923
    Alicia Keys has devalued her brand just like Beyoncé with odd releases and music that we don’t relate to anymore. Take this next part serious - Everyone looks better with makeup including Alicia Keys. When Alicia came out I bought her Songs in A Minor piano book. Such a good piano player. Go back to piano and pop/r&b.
  • Amazing

    By AnthonyMiller27
    My birthday twin never fails