9 - Jason Aldean


Jason Aldean

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2019-11-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16


9 - Jason Aldean
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  • Same old, same old

    By Joey Mclune
    Don’t get me wrong, I think I found two songs worth buying, but those were the only two that have different beats and words than a previous song! Every song by Jason Alden is the exact same! Same beat, same words, and same tempo. It must not be too hard for him to write songs! I’m waiting for a Jason Alden song to come out with a new beat for one, and also with some words/story we have never heard him sing before. Some ideas I’ve thought of is he never sings any songs about his parents. I think if he would write a song thanking his mom or dad, then he would be a favorite. At least for a little while! A second idea is him writing a song about his kids! I don’t recall ever hearing about them! Just make the songs different beats :)
  • Jason Aldean

    By Johann Benavides
    This is Good Stuff
  • Jason aldean 9

    By A.Jackson Indiana
    Incredible album, Aldean and his band probably at their finest. I here this album and it takes me back to his last two. Which I almost got to completely hear live on 10-01-17. He’s the real thing and been there thru some troubled times. You can hear it in the voice, chords, arrangement of songs and the vocals. #Route 91#. Country Strong family forever, #LOVE WINS🎼😊💛
  • Gorgia peach

    By southerncry
    I am a huge fan of the one and only Jason Aldean and wish to be you some day , my favorite party song is we back because of the tempo and it makes a great entrance song. Just Keep calm and wear that camouflage hat
  • Price

    By I❤️Country Music
    You need to make the price on all the songs free because some people don’t have money and their parents say they can’t have YouTube so this is their music source

  • Jason Aldean ✅@jason Aldean

    By lukebryan✅@lukebryan .online
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  • NOPE

    By Cowgirluv99
    Every single song and album sounds the same. As well as it’s really not country.
  • Jason delivers

    By GEB81
    Solid album. I thought at first it might be the same version of his past 3 or 4 albums but with slightly different lyrics but there are some nice surprises on here. His ballads are strong and he still rocks a handful of tracks. There are the few autotune tracks but it is used to compliment the song and not smother it. Highlights are We Back, Tattoos & Tequila, I Don't Drink Anymore and Talk About Georgia, although all the songs are enjoyable. It makes me wonder why people like the reviewer that started their review with “I hate country music...”. If that is the case, why are you listening and reviewing this then??? I like Jason and like the album!
  • We Back!

    By kcolrehs69
    I love We Back! It’s a catchy song, AND it’s country! The other songs are just ok, but we come for the main attraction anyway.