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  • Awful

    By abbylovesmusic
    If I could give this zero stars I would. Terrible lyrics, terrible voice.
  • I beg you, stop

    By iTuneshasZeppelin
    Clearly she CAN sing, and very well. But that squeaking, if I heard it in public I would think I was hallucinating. Please stop doing...that. The music is fine, but please don’t continue with that vocal style.
  • kinda unique

    By kitkatjones1836383
    she has a “different” voice and i’m sorry but i hate it. it’s so annoying. also the lyrics are trash and so is the melody. i can’t stand it
  • WTH

    By 0rmaz0
    So annoying!
  • wack

    By megatron 🦄
    i’m not much of a fan of her voice and how she sounds. it’s sad how much impact tiktok has nowadays to even boost her career and allow this ridiculous song ‘Dance Monkey’ to chart as high as it currently is worldwide
  • KarinaaaZ

    By KarinaaZunigaa
    Obsessed with it!!! Ever since I heard it in Australia for my very first! I came back to Cali and I had to hear it again over and over
  • tik tok people take over music

    By big_winner77
  • Bad song

    By Hehgfrsffrfggfrg
    This song is annoying, sorry.
  • Bad

    By westonjcunningham
    Generic instrumentals, annoying voice
  • Worse song ever! If I could give one star I would

    By ThaliaSidneys
    After I played this song I had the urge to do lines of crack and commit! Please do not listen to this song it is worse and horrible like cardi bs music!