Notes On A Conditional Form - The 1975

Notes On A Conditional Form

The 1975

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2020-05-22
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 22


Notes On A Conditional Form - The 1975
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  • Exploring new sounds is the future for artists!

    By ThisisJoshpel
    I love this album for its ambitious chances in attempting different genres that the band hasn’t done before. Highlights include all of the singles and gems such as Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy) and Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied. This isn’t the old sound of the 1975, but if we want that sound we have their old albums to listen to! I commend the boys for taking risks to move forward with sounds that influence them.
  • Fantastic

    By Jaco_G
    This album is god tier
  • always amazing

    By The Occult Leader Next Door
    i love it
  • there’s nothing they won’t do

    By Abbycat123
    they have said all along - they make music that they themselves like. others may not and that’s fine but they are happy with it and proud of it and that’s all that matters. the vibes are incredible and the music goes everywhere! amazing amazing album !!!
  • Opine much?

    By Musician2Musician
    I can’t believe you guys are writing this crap. Every person has a right to complain about other people’s right to make the music they want to make, and they also have the right to express political beliefs in their music. On the other hand most of you genius reviewers are clearly not intelligent enough or perhaps to scared to listen to where The 1975 are at this point in their career to listen to them. I have news for you anti-politicer’s, politics touches almost every aspect of your life, and it’s hardly a game changing bold move to ignore it. Go put on whatever EDM or the day latest hip-hip artist you and your friends are into this weekend and keep your hardly thought out opinions to yourself. Thanks guys. The album is great.
  • Maybe...

    By stlphat
    You will find a few of these songs in a movie...
  • Beautiful Album, But Extremely Explicit

    By Austin MC1990
    This is truly a beautiful, outstanding album from “The 1975”, however, it should be noted that this is the most explicit album they’ve ever released. Songs that iTunes has not labeled “Explicit” use the f-word multiple times and this continues through about track 13 and onward. This does not account for sexual content or references to drug use. iTunes, please re-evaluate this and label accordingly. This album is certainly not for children.
  • Drivel

    By Vegito777777
    One of the most uninspired albums I’ve heard from a major release.
  • Not what they used to be

    By sethers77
    Sophomore slump skipped an album I guess. Just sounds like they don’t know who they are anymore.
  • a glorious end to the music for cars era

    By welcome to the party, pal
    this is what we needed!!<3