We Are Not Your Kind - Slipknot

We Are Not Your Kind


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2019-08-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14


Title Lyrics Time
Insert Coin 1:38
Unsainted 4:20
Birth of the Cruel 4:35
Death Because of Death 1:20
Nero Forte 5:15
Critical Darling 6:25
A Liar's Funeral 5:27
Red Flag 4:11
What's Next 0:53
Spiders 4:03
Orphan 6:01
My Pain 6:48
Not Long for This World 6:35
Solway Firth 5:55
We Are Not Your Kind - Slipknot
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  • Great album from start to finish.

    By Piston Bull
    This maybe their best album. Easily my favorite Slipknot album.
  • Just not the same?

    By StringRay480
    The new stuff has no punch! I just can’t get into it! 👎
  • Awesome album

    By Seanbo Deluxei
    This is the best album slipknot has ever done! Great job!g
  • Awesome!

    By knotfan95
    Really heavy and very experimental, probably Slipknot’s best album. Some great memorable songs.
  • Amazing

    By Bennzel
    Absolutely incredible, evolved and heavy. Satisfies any slipknot craving you might have.
  • Ray Cereo's review

    By Bluraydoylerules
    Amazing stuff these guys do
  • Amazing

    By troyleedesigns
    I can’t get enough of this album. They always know how to create amazing music but this album has something extra to it
  • The progression of values continue

    By Hard Knock Hawks
    I saw this band in club DV8 in Seattle in the late 90’s. With Dope, and Coal Chamber headlined. Since then I’ve seen the first Knotfest, and most recently the first Knotfest Road Show. Not to mention all the shows in between. Even getting back stage in Auburn, Wa the night Sid broke his ankles/feet with my 12 year old daughter. We pilfered both dressing rooms. My daughter still has a drum head that reads, “if I were king” through the diameter closing in on the center. Now that I’ve established my tenure as a knot fan, this album is fantastic. Obviously it’s a vent pipe for Corey, and his recent divorce. I appreciate adult writing especially at this stage in both our lives. The music is always technical. It’s the meld between reality, and the observers perspective that I think I love most. It varies from person to person, as it should. I do agree that All Out Life should be on here. Selling the song as a stand alone was obviously a marketing tactic meant to stimulate the saliva glands. Why not include it at this point?
  • Awesome!

    By BrahMigo
    Love this band! Another great album!
  • Possibly Slipknot's best album?

    By ABN Infantryman
    After being hugely dissapointed by "the Gray chapter", which was released about three years ago, I was not overyly excited about WANYK. I guess you could say that I was cautiously optomistic since I am a long-time Slipknot fan (since the first album). After the first 5 listens, I realized that WANYK is absolutly amazing! There are at least 6 tracks on this album that are instant classics. It's honestly hard to choose one stand out track since there are so many great ones. This album has exactly what you'd expect from Slipknot: Amazing, crushingly heavy guitar playing and riffs, super fast but tight drumming, and catchy, melodic singing. 3.0 used to be my favorite Slipknot album but I have to say, WANYK keeps growing on me so fast that I think it will become my favorite.