Wake up the Coma - Front Line Assembly

Wake up the Coma

Front Line Assembly

  • Genre: Industrial
  • Release Date: 2019-02-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13


Wake up the Coma - Front Line Assembly
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  • Wow!

    By Russ Dire
    I expect great things from FLA but this album really delivers! Almost every track is above average but Hatevol may be my new favorite!!
  • Wow - Just Wow

    By Nukleopop
    They haven't sounded this good since the 80's. Consistent programming, catchy loops and vocals. Just what my brain needed...welcome back FLA! Not a bad track to be found.
  • Build up a city, build it ugly, unpretty

    By Metal#0ne
    When Bill leeb and Rhys fulber are together you know it’s gonna be a full on FLA album, the songs with guest artists change up the paste to keep you guessing what the next song sounds like, I’ve been a long time FLA fan and believe me this one does not disappoint.
  • Masterfullly Wonderful

    By riggsbr1
    Leeb, Fulber, and co have done it again. I was hooked since Eye On You Dropped. Easily my favorite release of 2019 thus far. A great mix of everything here. Leeb’s haunting/aggressive vocals, atmospheric backdrops, and amazing synthwork. This album demands multiple repeats and that is okay with me!!!
  • Fair album

    By WorldQuestioner
    Not particularly diverse. Too much downtempo/downbeat. I want more uptempo and upbeat elements. I don't mind some music being downtempo, but I want most of the music to be uptempo and upbeat. I like the album cover. I wondered whether Front Line Assembly would explore outer space, political, fantasy, and gothic themes. I like breakcore, power noise, uplifting trance, and electro house. Front Line Assembly should dabble on those genres. I also like symphonic orchestral choral classical. True industrial is blasting loud and has punching beats. That isn't what this album is album (or Front Line Assembly in general) is. Also, why no female vocals? I do want most of the vocals to be male, but I think there should be at least some female vocals. I like structure. That's more uptempo and has a trance-like sound. Also get Hatevol, Living a lie, and Mesmerized. Edit: I forgot to mention something. Why no vocal duets or trios? Why just solo voices? It's good to have some solos. But Front Line Assembly should make music with two or three vocalists perhaps including Bill Leeb himself. I like quality aggrotech better than regular electro-industrial. Would Front Line Assembly ever do aggrotech? The first Front Line Assembly song rated E for Explicit was Victim of a Criminal. Now another song is rated Explicit: Living a Lie. I wonder why. Victim of a Criminal was hip hop. Those are the only two Front Line Assembly songs ever rated Explicit on iTunes.
  • Absolute brilliance

    By lima1600
    FLA as been a staple for me from forever. And the last few albums were good. But this, Bill Leeb, is a pure masterpiece. The sounds I heard were new and yet familiar at the same time. I didn’t expect to dance cuz I just planned to buy it and chill out and listen. But I had to dance. And then to cap it with Connelly...perfect. It is such an amazingly paced experience from beginning to end.

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