Shock - Tesla



  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-03-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12


Shock - Tesla
Carátula Frontal Shock - Tesla Portada


  • Tesla still has it!

    5 / 5
    By ShockR
    Tesla has been my favorite band since 1987. I saw them for the third time this year at the Paegent in St Louis (they rocked that place, by the way). That’s when I heard that this album was coming out. As Tesla ALWAYS does, this whole album is a fantastic combination of raspy vocals, outstanding guitars and over-the-top backbeat! My favorites on this album are: Shock, Afterlife, and Comfort Zone. However, no song stands out like songs from previous albums: Modern Day Cowboy, Little Susie, Love Song, Signs, What You Give, and so on. Still, I loved this entire album and will stay Tesla’s biggest fan!
  • Love it

    5 / 5
    Can’t believe the comments, this sound is so good. It’s like Tesla upgraded!!!
  • It's a Keeper

    5 / 5
    By AZ308GTS
    First's Tesla. A mix of rocking leads,mellow acoustics, some corny lyrics and different styles. I like how everyone on the band has had their influence on this one. In my opinion the opening track is the best track on the album and could earn them some air time. Unfortunately "We can Rule the World" made it on the album. The chorus kills it. Just skip it. Everthing else has it's place and is a good listen, Give the final track two listens. The time signature works and the harmonies are old school. 3/15/2019 Ok, one week later I've upped my rating. I can hear where people might getting the Phil influence...yeh, so what. I'm liking it better with every listen. Great job guys! Thanks for keeping it honest Tesla!
  • Wow!

    3 / 5
    By Chinesemuchacho
    Below is the original review based on hearing shock for the first time. Once the album came out, I gave it a listen about 7 or 8 times. It does grow on you, but it is clearly not Tesla and Phil Collin's influence is abundantly clear. Though I applaud them for doing something different and trying to re-invigerate themselves back into music again, I cant help but think they have lost their way with this album. Tesla has never been a pop rock harmonizing band like Leppard. They have always been a little crunchier, heavier and smarter with their lyrics. These sound like throw away songs that even Def Leppard would not want to do. If they labeled it under some other band, then yeah, maybe, ok, it could be decent, but under Tesla, it doesnt work. Sorta disappointing. I would rather them get Bob Rock, or Mutt Lange to come in and produce an album, maybe even bring in Danny Elfman, that would be kinda awesome. The one band from the 80s that really hasnt deviated from their style, sound and ability to create rock that seems to sound modern while still holding on to that 80s that made them famous. This is an increadible song that resonates and reverberates your speakers and your ear drums. I am excited for new material. I also got to see them live for the first time, I had always missed them in the past for one reason or another. However, seeing them when they opened for REO and Def Leppard a couple years ago was awesome. I look forward to catching them again with this album.
  • Being Shocked is a good thing

    4 / 5
    By chadcubs
    Tesla is a great band and decided to change things up a bit. For the most part is a good to great album. It rocks in many places and if you listen carefully you will hear Tesla in the songs. Of course there is some Leppard influence on the album. The only song I could’ve done without is We Can Rule the World. It’s the only song that doesn’t fit or is out of place. Great album overall. I’ll take this any day of week over not getting any new music. I would have given it 4 and a half stars.
  • Tommy...

    1 / 5
    By *JERSEY*
    Having been a huge fan of Tesla, so much to point of having: TESLA license plates on my car (circa, Into The Now), I have listened to the band slowly decline. Every album after, ITN, has been a disappointment, but this? This is bad and definitely is not a Tesla record. Every album after ITN has one thing in common: No Tommy Skeoch! Obviously, Tommy was a major player, when it came to that one and only Tesla sound that made them great. Now they’re putting Def Leppard wanna be music out. I feel the only person that can save this band and get them back on track is: Tommy Skeoch.
  • Disbelief

    2 / 5
    By MrMusic1971
    This sounds like one of Def Leppard’s bad albums. Sparkle Lounge to be exact. Maybe 2 good songs that have the Tesla vibe. That Summer song is horrendous. They let Phil take control of the band.too many recorded vocals, and just plain weird. Oh well.
  • Love it

    5 / 5
    By Briluke.
    I really enjoyed listening to this record. Great production, song writing and musicianship. I’ve been a fan since day one and love this band live! Keep rock alive, Tesla
  • Tesla - SHOCK: it’s what’s for dinner

    5 / 5
    By DJKohliRocks
    Good god, never seen so much whining. “Oh my god, Phil did this....did that!” Please. Yes, he produced it. But TESLA also let him have fun and sing with them on the album. You guys are whining when you’re hearing half the voice of DEF LEPPARD singing. It’s not the production itself at all. It’s because we’re hearing him sing with them. At least they kept it in the family. Phil has been family for years. Read the interviews. This is TESLA and their friend making an album while on the road together. They were having a blast working together. We’ve got plenty of TESLA rock music within the tracks: SHOCK, I WANT EVERYTHING, AFTERLIFE, COMFORT ZONE, THE MISSION, TASTE LIKE, TIED TO THE TRACKS and more. They gave us a few ballads. One, track 3, I’ll admit...does have a hint of Leppard in it, but listen with an open mind. It’s still a Tesla ballad...stretched out a bit with Leppard flavor. The ballad needed a bit of sugar, so Phil added some. The rest of the album is a mix of Into The Now and Forevermore. Remember the days when we had to buy a physical album and play it beginning to end like 3/4 times before we really know the album? This is what TESLA cooked up for us. It’s what’s for dinner. Shut up and quit whining. Thank you, TESLA! I love you forevermore! ;). — Kohli Rocks Media
  • Nope

    2 / 5
    By Metalsinnermaster
    Shock is right. This ain’t Tesla. Skip it, for it overall is a stinky dung heap.