The Verdict - Queensrÿche

The Verdict


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2019-03-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10


The Verdict - Queensrÿche
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  • Don’t believe the hype

    1 / 5
    By Atomicpunks
    Just short of awful. Karaoke Queensryche and not good at that! Hints of Ryche guitars but vocals are unimpressive. Cringe worthy. The single star goes to the heaviness of album. Regretful purchase!!
  • Todd is in major form

    5 / 5
    By mdub069
    Review update. I changed from four to five stars. Are you F-ing kidding me?! Todd is the vocalist and drummer...and contributing on songwriting! After 4-5 listens this album has some superb stuff in. It’s got a couple week spots but finding out Todd did the drumming, new level.
  • Wow!

    5 / 5
    By yam suph
    The only reason for the 1 star reviews is because people are hung up on the name. This album is like the bad ones never happened! If it’s the name that’s bothering you call them The Mob or something.
  • Taters Gonna Hate

    5 / 5
    By AudiophyleOfAllMusic
    For years if I wanted to hear the sound that made me a fan of Queensryche. To still get that sound I had to put The Warning, Rage For Order, Operation Mindcrime and Empire on repeat. As years passed each Queensryche release became more anemic then the last it seemed Queensryche had lost its soul and direction even the production got worse on each release eventually sounding like they were recording in a dead hallowed out tree stump. A band that once shared the stage in the 80's metal hayday with bands like Metallica on the Ride The Lightening Tour. A great band that had fallen so far that that a decade or so later it was selling tickets to sit down casino performances that seemed like a visit to a hospice care facility for a once great band that was on its deathbed with a terminal diagnosis. Then came the fallout with Geoff Tate and the split some thought it would be the end of Queensryche all together. While Geoff wrote childish vengence tracks that were insulting his former band mates and came off as flat and uninteresting the rest of the band went back to their roots. With Todd La Torre at the helm they band brought back everything I loved and missed about Queensryche. All those things I longed for, for so many years. I can once again mention Queensryche and people are not saying "Who?" Now they know who. They are back on the map. In hindsight I think we now know what held the band back for so many years it clearly was Tate. Hearing the result with Geoff gone I wish they would have booted him sooner. The band is now better than ever even rivaling work they have done before, adding in even more layers of complexity while still keeping the original signature sound that made them Queensryche. The production quality is perfect and crisp. The vocals are sincere and have soul. The band sounds alive with purpose. Taters can hate all the want but where is Geoff now? still writing complaint tracks in the corner of a garage? Todd La Torre and the rest of the band thank you, thank you bringing back everything I missed about Queensryche! Each release keeps getting better and this one is no exception!
  • Awesome

    5 / 5
    By Beemer Boss
    Great sound and awesome writing. Todd played the drums on this album so there are only two original members left but it’s still great music. I waited patiently for the release and was not disappointed!
  • New fan

    5 / 5
    By Baseballl Dude
    I've never been super into Queensrÿche, but there's a lot to love on this album. I love every song besides Portrait, with the standouts being Man the Machine, Dark Reverie, and Inner Unrest. La Torre is a great fit for this band and he's a talented drummer as well! You just earned yourselves a new fan.
  • Getting Better and Better!

    5 / 5
    By metalllives
    The band is on point with this album! It took a few listens to peel back the layers and realize it's greatness, but it now dominates my playlist! This band is on fire!!
  • Still Queensryche at Their Finest

    5 / 5
    By craymee
    I wasn't sure how this was going to be, The Verdict, but it's way better than i expected even as another member disappears from the original lineup. 2013 was great, Condition Human better and well the Verdict stands somewhat on top of the heap. So many standouts, Blood Levant, Man the Machine, Propaganda Fashion, Launder the's hard, brutal, lyrical, harmonious all in Queensryche fashion that you remember. It's hard to say where this falls, there's a vibe that goes all the way back to the Warning and heads off into that never wanted to hear in now frontier-land, but Michael Wilton always seems to cleverly steer this all back on course... Let's not forget DeGarmo and Tate were not the only song-writers in this band, and Mike Wilton was a partner in componsition and song-craft like the former, he was just overlooked in all these years between changes and underappreciated/underrated all the same. I would lay the credit to Queensryche's resurgence and forming at Wilton's feet and adding all the credibility they deserve as it is fitting. You won't be disappointed by what they've assembled here, and you get the feeling it isn't over yet. I only hope the original fans and newer one's finally sign on, they truly are missing something holding on to the past. Queensryche on the other hand has got some of the past with them but a lot of this sounds fresh. Great Job guys once again..I hope it doesn't take 4 more years to get another round of this.
  • A good metal band

    3 / 5
    By Reise heuer
    This album is ok. It’s definitely not Queensrÿche but it is a good metal band. I’m not sure people would be as excited about these new albums if they didn’t have the Queensrÿche name on them. Nothing really catchy on it.
  • Resurrected

    5 / 5
    By hoagie1417
    Reminds me of the early QR I feel in love with. Nice progressive metal edge that they’ve been missing since Rage & OMC. LaTorre crushes it vocally. Good production sound. Great guitar & drum arrangements. Open your minds Chris & Geoff are gone. They sound amazing again.....finally.