Past Lives - Against The Current

Past Lives

Against The Current

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-09-28
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11


Time Title Lyrics
1 3:42
Strangers Again
2 2:50
The Fuss
3 3:23
I Like the Way
4 3:24
5 3:24
6 3:00
7 3:28
Almost Forgot
8 2:33
9 3:09
Friendly Reminder
10 3:24
Come Alive
11 3:32
Sweet Surrender
Past Lives - Against The Current
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    4 / 5
    By Liliane-Red
    This happens to be my favorite album of the year! It’s definitely the one I most anticipated. Each single from the Album was super upbeat, fun, but still had so much deep meaning to it. The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint. “P.A.T.T” has to be one of my favorites. It and “The Fuss” I think are the catchiest songs and it’s so fun to play in the car! Im just so in love with this album. Carry on with your day.
  • Different but Good!!

    5 / 5
    By Ashdyl01
    The majority of this is a lot more pop but that doesn't mean they're not good songs! A lot of the are either just nice songs or catchy. There's a song for almost every mood on here haha
  • Too pop

    3 / 5
    By Peanuts&grahams
    There nothing wrong with pop but there is a thing called too much pop. Songs like personal scream auto tune.
  • Strangers Again, Voices, Personal, And P.A.T.T

    3 / 5
    By AvrilSwift
    The rest of the album didn’t really do anything for me. I really like their album “Gravity” and “Infinity” as well as “In Our Bones.” I feel like most of these songs didn’t sound like them, and it’s frankly not my taste.
  • Amazing album

    5 / 5
    By SethATC
    Loving every song, sweet surrender is my fav.
  • Just Amazing

    5 / 5
    By Its Me lolz
    I’ve been a fan of ATC for a while now and I’ve loved hearing their sound change over that period of time. While I do miss the pop/rock sound, I still love this album. :)
  • Yikes

    2 / 5
    By Avenged110
    There are a few songs that are actually pretty good (Voices, Personal, Strangers Again). But seriously, what happened? I had such high hopes for this band...
  • All About the Edge

    5 / 5
    By Nathan0116
    I've loved this band more than any other since I first discovered their song Something You Need as a single release before the First EP. The reason I still love them with this album is that they aren't spun out just writing the same material. You can hear Chrissy's taste in music starting to blend in with what she wrote as a teenager while also adding lyrics about a lot that has been on her mind as clear by her twitter posts above the other sites (no doubt some 1975 influence in here). It's clear that the three of them are evolving and I love that the edge is still there no matter where they take it. I would call it a fusion along the lines of "Edgy Electro-PopRock"
  • Amazing

    5 / 5
    By sandim1237
    Loved all the songs I love against the current
  • 🔊

    5 / 5
    By JillianCait
    Amazing as always ❤️