Trench - twenty one pilots


twenty one pilots

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14


Title Lyrics Time
Jumpsuit 3:58
Levitate 2:25
Morph 4:18
My Blood 3:49
Chlorine 5:24
Smithereens 2:57
Neon Gravestones 4:00
The Hype 4:25
Nico And The Niners 3:45
Cut My Lip 4:42
Bandito 5:30
Pet Cheetah 3:18
Legend 2:52
Leave the City 4:40
Trench - twenty one pilots
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  • Actually a good album

    By f o xroxrjoxomrjojomjrxomjxr
    Wasn't really a fan of their first album but vessel was good. Blurryface was ok but this is really good. A major leap from their first album.
  • This album is just 👌

    By yfdfhbklpopihfdrg
    Every album of theirs just gets batter and better. I think some people don’t understand that these songs are different to older ones of twenty øne piløts. You have to really dig to find the meaning of the songs for this album, but for the other albums it was easier to figure out. Whoever doesn’t like trench is missing out on soooo much but, you do you
  • ❤️

    By Trust and Us
  • Great album

    By Vessel13
    People complain that the album sounds or is nothing alike to their earlier albums vessel or self titled and I for one am okay with that. There are many amazing songs that sound amazing. This has a more genuine rock sound than say vessel that was very pop or electronic sounding. I love every album made so far a lot
  • It’s Amazing

    By Jaden Prusso YT
    Whatever the heck the critics say, they’re wrong by far. I even saw someone say there was no rapping. HAVE THEY EVER EVEN LISTENED TO LEVITATE?!? All in all the album is amazing. Yesyesyeysysyesyyseysyeysyeyesyeysyeyeysyeye
  • How To Kill Your Career™

    By Shane73607
    These songs all feel like discard tracks from the Blurryface era that weren’t good enough to make the album. So when they finally reached mainstream success, they rushed to release new content before they dropped off the charts and were forgotten about. The results? Really bland songs that have lost all charm and complexity. Along with no real hits, since they definitely wanted a follow up to Stressed Out and Ride’s success. This project did nothing but stunt their career. I feel like most of the fanbase formed during the Vessel and Blurryface era, and that this album is their biggest flop yet.
  • Trench

    By snydermanwrites
    Life-changing album
  • The best top album

    By tee dee 1019875
    The reason this one is so good is that they use ambitious sounds and has more great songs and a story one of the best albums of all time
  • To Tyler and Josh

    By hyuyhdhdhdhfhs
    I. Don’t. Know. What. The. Heck. I would do without u guys and your music. You guys are so much different than a lot of artists and I love that about u guys. Whenever I feel depressed or down on myself I just think about your music and it lightens me up. Thank u so much for making music like this and plz keep making it!!!!!!!😀😀👍
  • Wow

    By whythehaters😭😭😭
    Heathens was first 21 pilots song I listened to. Chlorine is the second. I love it. I assume the rest of the album is wonderful