Sweetener - Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-08-17
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15


Sweetener - Ariana Grande
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  • So emotional

    By beachball23
    She is so good at singing!! She put all of her emotion in this album and I love all the songs. Don’t know why some of you are putting one star but that’s your opinion. It’s hard to deal for what she went through especially the attack. Glad she put that into music. Makes me love it even more
  • Best Pop Album of the 2010’s

    By crazypetperson243
    Sweetener is a poetic work of art. Ariana dances gracefully over the songs with her fantastic voice, and this album leaves me wanting a sweetener number two! Thank u next is a wonderful album but the sweetener era of Ariana is beautiful. I am an absolute stan if ari over all and this is one of my favorite albums of all time! My favorites are: everytime, better off, get well soon, rem, and god is a woman. Love you ari!
  • ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

    By Celebrate girl
    I like Ari she’s not my favorite but I am not a hater and this is a pretty good album! ♡
  • Does not deserve all the hate

    By Halle Buxton
    Everyone I know always says this is Ari’s worst album, but I actually think it’s one of her best albums. It’s very cohesive and the visuals are very pleasing. My favorite songs on the album are raindrops, REM, God is a woman, sweetener (title track), no tears left to cry, breathin, better off, goodnight n go, and get well soon. Sweetener is an amazing comeback album and I think it really helped Ari through some hard times and was a great healing album ✨🌫🌙🌫✨
  • You are pretty Ariana

    By Joey strangis
    I wish I had you as a sister Ariana.
  • absolutly amazing ! <3

    By picky max
    i swear if i could rate it 1749248 stars i would ! this album is so honest and mature , and i swear to god , one of her best albums of all time . all these songs will get stuck in your head , and you will be sso obsessed to every single track ! all her albums up to k bye for now were all bops , n i love every single one ! k , bye for now ! <3
  • Some good, some ok 👌🏼

    By Rusballerina
    Hey! I love No tears left to cry! The best one I bought only that one though. This music is way better than the Ariana who cusses and talks about her relationships. Wonderful voice and good beat!!
  • Amazing 👼🌙🌑💧

    By P!nkFlamingo🦩💗💅🏾
    The is album is definitely amazing and worth buying , lol trust me this was trashhhhhhh at first but after like the 5th time or 3rd lol you’ll like it just listen over and over again then buy it I recommend it highly This album brought light 💡 to my life it was very bright but with great meanings way better than dangerous women (which was a album I was disappointed with) It’s the opposite of “thank u, next “ because this is more of a positive album while the other was more negative but it was being very relatable but negative in a good way Like I said highly recommend especially during tough times listen to “ get well soon “ or “raindrops” 💦
  • Same old stuff, but same old love.

    By 🦄🦄 magic candy
    All your songs are literally the same. But my love will never change for you 😉 just make your songs more original like this album plz. I love when you rap, and sing! Both are amazing. I love God Is a Woman. But I just wish you made more songs like no tears left to cry, or breathin... also, fv¢k you guys. YOU BUNCH OF TAYLOR SWIFT WORSHIPERS, YALL JUST CANT HANDLE SOMEONE THATS ACTUALLY BETTER THAN T SWIFT AND SELENA GOMEZ.
  • Trash

    By TheBigYam

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