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  • In blood

    By 🦄🦄 magic candy
    I have no words
  • Best album and era of Shawn mendes

    By jenna_mendes198
    Just wow! I’m proud as a mendes army
  • Good album

    By progamesunited
    Shawn great album you and John Mayer should do a song
  • Shawn Mendes is my favorite male singer

    By ella rose🌹
    My quire in school actually sang youth and it was just amazing! I loved singing it! His songs are the best!❤️
  • I just love this song so much

    By Ean's warriors
    This is music that makes me happy so much that i cant stop thinking of it and im only 9 years old
  • I’m lost in Japan 😅😢

    By RWBY!!🌹❄️🐾☀️
    Whyyyyy, u guys always make something to inspire us u guys are literally that good whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! And ppl that give mean comments u wouldn’t like if someone gave u mean comments about ur voice or wat u do would u? Becuz if u would itz not right and u would be copying the same person that’s doing it to u and if u don’t plz plz plz don’t do it to Shawn he probably already has problems of his own. And don’t be mean and hurtful to ppl itz not right!!!!!!
  • Best song ever

    By I got you😜
    I wrote another review on monster mash should go check that song out it’s really good and now back to this song I think it’s so heartwarming and it’s actually a really good song if you don’t like it I’m not like oh my gosh you don’t like it you’re horrible I just think it’s a good song and if you don’t like it just I don’t really care but you should try to just listen to it more and think about it it’s a really good song and has a good feeling and a vibe when you listen to it I give it a five star rating because I like it if you don’t like it don’t tell me that oh my gosh you like that song a song is horrible I can’t believe you like it I like it and if you don’t I don’t really care that you don’t like it just listen to it it’s actually really good song so don’t shame me for liking it so that’s All wait never mind I have something else to tell you yes I’m A VSCO girl don’t tell me I can’t be one because I already am SKSKSKSK and I OOP You should always save the turtles like a literally one I can’t believe some people Eat no Bob like the turtles the sea turtle every turtle so I don’t use plastic straws I have metal straws would you should have metal straws to and you should get a Hydro flask’s and I OOP it’s chaos Chaos Chaos OK and remember scrunchies if you can’t afford to push on my class like at a store just go on Amazon they’re literally like three for like two dollars so go get the school girls you have to save the planet I don’t flasks save the planet like literally use the Hydro flask is save the planet and the sea turtles 150 see turtles each time you use it don’t use plastic plastic bags are bad too and straws and Bob anything plastic OK until your school have a disco sleepover in your gym have it on your trampoline and if you don’t have a trampoline oh my gosh
  • love shawn:)

    By Cloey:)
    he’s so talented
  • Love this album

    By lainey_slays21
    Love you Shawn! This album is beautiful💜
  • Hi

    By trinerz
    I love shawnmendes he has so many expectations he is my favorite