so sad so sexy - Lykke Li

so sad so sexy

Lykke Li

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-06-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10


so sad so sexy - Lykke Li
Carátula Frontal so sad so sexy - Lykke Li Portada


  • What a Goddess

    5 / 5
    By YourPalAlida
    I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Lykke Li‘s incredible voice. I was working as a merchandiser and “I Follow Rivers” came on over the speakers. The instant love I felt for this artist literally stopped me in my tracks. Seven years later and she only gets better and better and I only love her more. Love this album. It’s just So Sad, So Sexy.
  • Love it & love her.

    5 / 5
    By Devon310
    New & fresh, she can’t do anything wrong for me.
  • Love

    5 / 5
    By Escicutella
    The entire album flows and is heaven to my ears.
  • Excellent

    5 / 5
    By derwitt
    Her voice is so unique and this album demonstrates her unique sound
  • Worth the wait

    5 / 5
    By RXJ62
    This album flows so well and goes by so quickly, I’m so glad my audio system auto loops it when it’s over. Definitely a distinct album from the ones in the past, but give Grown Mama Lykke the benefit of the doubt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you sink into the rhythmic vibes and lovely swoon of her voice.
  • Such a creative.

    5 / 5
    By MiahEver
    I love how this album stands out from all the crap out in the industry right now. I feel like I understand this music in my soul. This album is going to blow it up!
  • 2 Nights!!!! :)

    5 / 5
    By Ecentrickal
    Love this new set of new songs! So sultry! Especially 2 Nights, Deep End, Better Alone & Utopia!
  • So sad, so forgettable

    1 / 5
    By Jelmedia
    .....Slow, boring, monotonic: these new songs offer nothing even close to the same punchy hits from what seems like eons ago: I Follow Rivers, Get Some, etc. Very disappointing effort after such a long wait and such high expectations. How about a melody or two?!
  • SO sad so NOT sexy

    3 / 5
    By monty5
    eh, this isn't her best. Disappointed after that long wait for something fabulous to follow up her last CD, albeit my expectations were high, but still, this sounds like all the other trippy pop tart wannabe hipster chicks - disappointed, she used to be so high above that.
  • Finally a new album out and had to give it props! 🤘🏼

    5 / 5
    By Nicoya 310
    Been waiting for a new released from her , music has always been so good and has great rhythm and beats , can’t wait for the vids to come out! 👍🏼😎