The Future - From Ashes to New

The Future

From Ashes to New

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2018-04-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11


Time Title Lyrics
1 3:50
Wake Up USD 1.29
2 3:05
Crazy USD 1.29
3 3:42
My Name USD 1.29
4 3:54
Gone Forever USD 1.29
5 3:20
Broken USD 1.29
6 3:50
Forgotten USD 1.29
7 3:16
Enemy USD 1.29
8 3:34
Nowhere to Run USD 1.29
9 3:53
Let Go USD 1.29
10 3:22
On My Own USD 1.29
11 3:45
The Future USD 1.29
The Future - From Ashes to New
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  • Big Falloff

    2 / 5
    By Lordseal92
    Pretty noticeable step back from everything they’ve put out before this. Disappointed to say the least.
  • Best band since Linkin Park

    5 / 5
    By ConXjade7
    They may not sound like Linkin Park but they have potential like they did. Started a certain point and are still going. Their vibe is a lot like Linkin Parks but even sounds like other rock band blends that are the new Future! Can’t wait to see them live!
  • Very underrated

    5 / 5
    By Timmy_50
    Every song on this album is great. Don’t understand the hate on these guys. Everyone sleeping on them is gonna wish they didn’t write them off. Wait for the explosion, it’s coming.
  • Awesome

    5 / 5
    By Brynn M.
    Saw these guys in concert in MN amazing!!!
  • New fav metal band

    5 / 5
    By Jack w post
    I saw them at a concert with breaking Benjamin 5FDP and badwolves but this was my favorite out of the bands
  • Great in concert

    5 / 5
    By Kb4026
    Great band
  • My favorite rock album of 2018

    5 / 5
    By Reigns316_RPW
    I’ve never written a review before but I just had to for this amazing album. There’s literally not a bad song, and they all have a unique sound. Danny really seems like he has more vocal range than Chris. In every song he showcases a different vibe that he can set with his voice, whether its lighter sing along tones like in “Crazy” or gritter screams in “Nowhere to Run” and “Gone Forever”. Personal fav is “My Name”. This album rocks! 🤟🔥
  • Underrated

    5 / 5
    By Bulllkng
    This band has so much potential. Literally every song on this album is good.
  • Don’t be like LP

    2 / 5
    By Aggjaidms
    The reason why I don’t want them to sound like LP is because they are not LP and also they are two different bands and I grew up listening to LP. Also I do love this band but their new singer sounds like one of Hollywood Undeads singers Danny. Look I truly do love this band since their first song “Stay this way.” And I have given this album a shot, and to be honest it is not as good as the first two albums.
  • Awesome style

    5 / 5
    By amazing as usuallle
    picked this up in the store after hearing one song on youtube and figured i give it a chance. Albums great and for sure gonna follow this band