A Decade of Destruction - Five Finger Death Punch

A Decade of Destruction

Five Finger Death Punch

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16


A Decade of Destruction - Five Finger Death Punch
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  • Absolutely brilliant

    By texas chainsaw addict
    One song that touched me was far from home it’s such a brilliantly written song that goes straight to the heart . Love and loss is absolute to everyone
  • So so

    By RocknRollman69+1
    Four good songs out of sixteen kinda sad if you think about it.
  • Question

    By MaxPayne006
    Are you people dumb? Can’t you read? It clearly states it’s older songs on one cd.
  • Still same thing

    By #What eves
    it is the same thing as lift me up five finger death punch.
  • PLEASE!!!! Read!!

    By Firemanz_man
  • Rockstars

    Gods Music
  • Love what I’m hearing!

    By Dajuror
    Takes you on a journey
  • Wow!

    By metlhead13
    5 finger death punch turns good songs into great songs, they're such a great band. I have loved 5 finger since day 1 and nothing has changed. Knucklehead for life!!!
  • FFDP is just amazing

    By katiebelle8
    People who don’t appreciate good music will knock this album. Those people are also wrong. Great album!
  • This is a greatest hits album!!!!!!

    By Daniel199124
    It seriously gets on my nerves that people are so stupid to think that this is a "new" album with just their old songs. Do they not get that it's a greatest hits album? Honestly what band would make a "new" album using old songs and it not be a greatest hits album? Makes you wonder on just how stupid some of these younger kids are. They must be so young to not know what a greatest hits album that most bands and artist's eventually have. Wonder if they even know what a CD is since they all just download them off of here now.