Blood Red Roses (Deluxe Version) - Rod Stewart

Blood Red Roses (Deluxe Version)

Rod Stewart

  • Género: Rock
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2018-09-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • País: ESP
  • Recuento de pistas: 16


Blood Red Roses (Deluxe Version) - Rod Stewart
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  • Rods just cemented his place in rock n roll history,

    Por rud stewart
    Being a lifelong fan of Rod Stewart also making my living presenting his music to the clubs hotels and corporate world this album has blown me away, time had some great tunes, another country likewise, but blood red rose is on a different level. The sound has an edge missing in most modern processed music, Rod has the soul of an ancient God and the voice of eternal youth. He’s always been a storyteller but to do such an epic masterpiece at his age is staggering, his collaboration with Kevin savinger has yielded what will probably one day be recognized as Rods finest hour. Bridget cady’s vocals on cold old London and the way they blend with Rods is an epic moment on this gem of a record. As a fan I’d just like to say thank you, as a tribute artist I’d just like to add, Bravo ROD IS GOD or as close as a mortal can get
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  • Moderno pero muy muy bueno

    Por Álvaro Mulas
    Novedoso y equilibrado. Variado y buena música. Muy recomendable